NO1 ISP NET: FTP and Mail servers offline!

  JGAULD 14:07 25 Jan 2003

Hello all,
Anyone else on here got hosting or email with Their whole network seems to be down, non of my web sites are available on ftp and the mail server is non functioning.
I tried phoning my local agent, but their phone is on answering machine mode and its full! (no wonder) his website is also offline as is no1's web site click here
I now discover my other host is offline click here
I know they are both housed in Docklands, but even still, both offline at the same time!!!
Has got to be more than coincidence, especially when no1 has been 100% reliable over the last 2 years, the other I have only had for 1 week. If anyone else has been having trouble please post here.

  JGAULD 11:01 26 Jan 2003

I recieved this from my local agent yesterday, it explains why my ISP went awol.<p>
The problem was noticed at around 7am this morning. Telehouse in London was targetted by the Slammer virus and stopped the operation of a large number of servers.<p>

A massive attack took place which overloaded the message routing equipment as the virus searched through the complex looking for Microsoft NT / 2000 Internet servers - one of the many reasons why we use Unix equipment and not Microsoft.<p>

Although the server appears to be untouched, and we are still running some final tests on it, the routing equipment that allows messages to flow forwards and backwards, simply became overload and therefore unusable.<p>

Usually, these attacks, which happens every couple of months, are identified and prevented before any damage is done. This one got through the major defences and caused havoc. Had it happened on Monday, the costs would have been huge as much of the financial services industry would have collapsed. I have believed , for a couple of years now, that today's virus writers are in league with the anti global economists and can cause great damage to the economy without physically hurting anyone.<p>

The virus doesn't affect our server as we are a Unix system - much more robust and secure. However, servers in the Microsoft camp certainly suffered.<p>

All this particular virus does is to send out small amounts of information, less than 400 characters - a split second. Unfortunately it sends out millions of these small amounts, targetted at a particular part of the infrastructure - the part responsible handling information requests such as web pages. This part of the computer is linked to a piece of equipment called a router and it was this equipment that simply could not cope with the line traffic.<p>

Microsoft brought out a patch to their computer systems over the weekend and this has been incorporated into large numbers of Microsoft servers throughout the world. Although we were ok, we still required the use of the routers to operate but if our routers were made available, it would have been made available to the virus as well as you, me and the rest of our customers, thereby causing additional grief.<p>

I have done some research on this slammer virus and it would seem M/S released a patch for this some six months ago, so it must have hit those who don't keep up to date where it hurts most, the wallet!<p>

More info from GRC<p>
click here

  JGAULD 15:01 26 Jan 2003

It's gone again.<p>

click here

Looks like I picked the wrong week to update my web site's :(<p>


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