No XP file missing or corrupt !

  samson1589 23:32 18 Mar 2009

Windows XP SP2.

I have really done it this time. Took my desktop apart today to fit a case fan, new cable and DVDRW. All appeared to be ok until i switched it on this evening and get the message (Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

I have googled for a few hours and i appear to be up **** creek unless i have my XP disc which i dont and i am not even sure its a genuine version.

I do have a backup of my registry saved to a usb stick would the missing or corrupt file be in my registry backup and how on earth could i get it back on my desktop and xp working again.

Any help would be much appreciated, please dont tell me i have just wasted my money on a dvdrw, cable and fan and that now i have to buy a new OS.

Many Thanks !

  lotvic 23:38 18 Mar 2009

You need to confirm that you have a genuine version of XP or you will not be able to 'get help' on this forum. It is not allowed on here to help with pirate versions :( other than advising to contact MS to purchase a genuine key.

  lotvic 23:47 18 Mar 2009

If you could borrow from a friend a CD with the same version of XP you can use that to repair your OS as the key is not on the CD and not 'tied' to it.

It needs to be the same version, XP Home SP2 retail, XP Home SP2 OEM, etc. or it will not work.

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