no wireless connection on start up

  millsie 14:27 10 Dec 2006

Hi, Any idea why my laptop doesn't detect my home wireless network on start up but if I then choose to repair the network the connection is found and everything works ok. Have put up with this for a few months but would be more convenient if connected automatically on start up - which by the way happens with my pc.

Thanks for any suggestions

  Forum Editor 16:09 10 Dec 2006

it means that something's wrong with the adapter configuration. Did you instal the wireless adapter, or is it built-in? If it's an integral adapter, do you have any wireless diagnostic software that came with the machine?

  millsie 21:10 10 Dec 2006

Hi its a Dell laptop with an internal network card - the laptop came with Dell network assistant but licence has run out. i now notice that the powermanagement is controlled by dell quickset and the internal network card activity settings set to deactivate on battery - could this be the cause of my problem. have changed the setting to activate on battery and see if this works.

Please tell me if I am on wrong track.

thanks a lot

  Chrisann 16:24 11 Dec 2006

My Laptop often is doi ng this..and sometimes when I leave it on standby with the internet disabled it then doesn 't find the I have to repair the connection. I haven't sussed why it does this at all. So I would be interested in any replies too.


  Ashrich 19:13 11 Dec 2006

Also have a look at the cards settings in Device Manager and set it to " always on " or similar .


  millsie 13:52 12 Dec 2006

Hi all, tried changing power management settings and device manager settings but no joy. Any other ideas?

Thanks a lot

  postie24 15:31 12 Dec 2006

Hi millsie try this quick check,double click the wireless icon in the system tray and select 'Properties' then when the Wireless Connection Network Status shows again click 'Properties'. Now when the Wireless Network Connection Properties box opens, scroll down until Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) click on this and select 'Properties'.
Finally, when the window opens, confirm you have the Open an IP Address Automatically & Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically are both selected.

  millsie 15:42 12 Dec 2006

Thanks postie24 - gave it a go but both set to automatic already.


  PRS 15:03 17 Dec 2006

I have precisely the same problem. It often takes two or three "repairs" to connect. Sometimes I have to type in my WPA key, other times not. Fortunately it always connects eventually.

  jimmo123_1 18:48 17 Dec 2006

had the same problem with my dell laptop, if you are by chance using a wanadoo/orange wireless network then the only way it will connect is to deactivate the wep/wpa key from your Livebox and have and open network (not overly safe but works.

At the moment i am currently chatting to xps support to find another way!

  millsie 21:00 17 Dec 2006

I never have to enter my WPA key and repairing my connection usually works first time. looks like there are a variety of causes of this problem!

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