no wireless connection

  cast88 11:57 28 Feb 2009

i am runnig xp on my laptop and had built in wireless which worked fine but since i reformatted my hard drive i no longer have any reference to a wireless connection i can get on to the internet through my modem and a ethernet cable so what went wrong and were could it have gone and can i get it back ?!!!!

  STREETWORK 12:28 28 Feb 2009

Try reinstalling the wireless network dirver for the lappy, get the latest from the manufacturer...

  cast88 13:43 08 Mar 2009

i have been on several sites to down load the drivers but you have to pay!!! does any know of how to get them for free or is this the normal way of getting drivers i just dont know how its done.The laptop is a E system E13101 i do have a switch to turn the wireless connection on but still nothing happens, so do you think it is down to the drivers that are missing or can i do some thing like set up a wirless connection.

  bremner 13:45 08 Mar 2009

Go to Device Manager, look under Network Adapters and have you got an entry for a wireless adapter, if so which one and does it have a yellow exclamation mark alongside it.

  skidzy 13:53 08 Mar 2009

Have you actually turned the wireless on ?

Try FN + F2

What does device manager report as pointed out by bremmer ?

Do you have the laptops driver and utilities disc ?
If so install all the drivers from the disc.

Oops,just noticed you have a wireless switch.

  T0SH 14:09 08 Mar 2009

Try here

click here

choose the model number remember to choose XP as the OS they should have the correct driver

if you need more help you can use live chat or e-mail from this page also

Cheers HC

  cast88 14:46 08 Mar 2009

well i looked in the device manager and it does have a yellow exclamation mark on it i right clicked it and went through the prompts but i dont have an installation dics with drivers and such like so i went on the internet with an ethenet cable and it could not find the drivers !!!

  cast88 14:56 09 Mar 2009

I went on to the live chat that TOSH {thankyou} recomended but it was an American help site and they said that the serial numbers are different for the uk models so they could not help me, i have a number of drivers missing i have no sound or video drivers either, but they did give me a helpline number to which i will call today and keep my fingers crossed that they can help me !!

  woodchip 15:23 09 Mar 2009

Let device Manger check the web for drivers, Don't think I am daft as it will probably work Just for this, as MS windows I think as ways of getting round problems like that

  cast88 17:24 09 Mar 2009

i did let the device manager check for driver updates but it still could not find them but will keep trying its doing my head in though !!!!

  Taff™ 07:16 10 Mar 2009

I suspect you bought this from PC World and there is a link to product support from their site. I think ou`ve also given the wrong Model number. Is it a Ei System 3101? If so let`s try this link click here={69b53575-47b7-455a-81b8-eaa9116303f9}&CatID={a6efebd6-cfe5-46b2-a455-1ce37e5aef21}

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