no windows disc

  toniclady 09:01 12 Aug 2011

my grandson has bought a 2nd hand laptop but it needs formatting, there was no windows disc with it.....does he have to buy a new windows disc? or can i use the 1 i got with my pc and use my product key ....thnx

  Sea Urchin 09:07 12 Aug 2011

He may be able to reset to factory settings using the appropriate function key/s. If you let us know the make and model of the laptop, someone should be able to advise you which keys.

  Strawballs 09:34 12 Aug 2011

You can use yours and his product key(if it is the same version) but will not have any of the drivers as suggested there might be a restore factory setting option which will format and leave it as it came out of the box.

  sharpamat 09:37 12 Aug 2011

No you cannot use another disc and key because they will already be registered to your system,

You do not say why it requirs formating ?

As long as the restore has not been deleated you should be able to restore to factory settings, Look in help and support on the Laptop, from the start menu. this will have all the information you need. As most people dont bother to make a set of discs when they get a new one, if they did not you may still have the option to burn a set yourself, this can only be done once and normally need upto 3 blanc DVD You can also in many systems obtain a set of recovery discs ( which include the OS)from the makers, they will require the make,model,serial number at a small cost

  sharpamat 09:39 12 Aug 2011

Crossed with Strawballs posting toniclady was asking to use his disc and his key

  Strawballs 10:04 12 Aug 2011

I know that's why I said your disc and his product key. I would also assume that Toniclady is a she.

  mimosa418 11:54 12 Aug 2011

Toniclady Download Product key reveal from hereand run on your grandsons machine.Then install Windows from your disc using the revealed product key. This assumes both versions of windows are the same. You may have to go through the automated authentication process with Microsoft after the installation,which requires you to follow instructions and key a lot of numbers in to your phone

  toniclady 17:36 12 Aug 2011

he is on vista and mine is xp, i have found his product key underneath the needs formatting as the laptop was bought 2nd hand and has a load of rubbish on it, its very slow and he has got google chrome, firefox and internet explorer 8 on which are all conflicting each other......if can tell me how to reset it to factory settings, that might be better.....its a hp G6000 notebook pc .....and yes i am a woman

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:02 12 Aug 2011

Recovery process click here

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