No Vista system disk supplied with Ei System Desk

  themightymac 12:22 09 Oct 2007

I bought an E Systems desk top in April and of course it came without a recovery disk. I know I can make 1 copy of a dvd of the os but can I hell as like work it out. I've been into the tech guys - nothing and I've been into Cyberlink, again nothing. I can remember a tech guy in pc world telling me that you can access how to make a dvd on entering one of the start up screens. Again, my brain mustn't be working. Can anyone help someone suffering from auld timer's disease?

  ßoolian 17:37 09 Oct 2007

I bought a Philips X57 from PC World in January this year with Vista Ultimate. I accidently messed up the boot sector and had to reinstall windows. (Don't ask why!) Also no recovery disc supplied. Tap F8 once the E systems boot screen has gone and the HHD recovery program comes up. But I can stress, on my laptop there is no make dvd recovery thing on the HDD recovery program. On your desktop there is an icon called 'The Techguys DVD'. It looks like a disc with an arrow on it. Then make your dvd. Easy.

Anyway, there are no discs supplied with your computer now thanks to software piracy.

I only got a recovery disc not by making one but by phoning the techguys and giving them some ear ache lol. This was in April when it went wrong. Precisely 5 days ago the disc came! 4th October precisly 6 months later!

Just proves the poor service of the techguys.



  beynac 17:45 09 Oct 2007

You need to get a writeable DVD and insert it in the DVD drive. There should be a "The TechGuys DVD" icon on the desktop. Double-click on this and a wizard will guide you through the process (click the green tick to proceed). If a 'User Access Control' window appears, click on the 'Allow' button. The DVD should take around 20 minutes to create.

  skidzy 18:07 09 Oct 2007

I have a Phillips machine with Vista bought from PC World.

I have the recovery program as described by ßoolian,basically a hidden partition recovery app accessible via safe mode or F11.

I also had the chance to create a restore disc via the techguys programme via Cyberlink software.

If the icon does appear on your desktop,look in programs,you may even have look through Cyberlinks options.
You will soon know if its availble,as it will prompt you once opened.

Make sure you have compatible media.

  ßoolian 18:08 09 Oct 2007

There is an echo round here

  beynac 18:24 09 Oct 2007

Are you referring to my post? I spent a few minutes digging out my computer manual which meant that your post was already there when I clicked the submit button. Not an echo, more like great minds etc... :)

  themightymac 20:45 09 Oct 2007

There was no "tech guys" (and I use the term very loosely) icon on the desk top, nor anywhere else.

  themightymac 22:49 09 Oct 2007

Thanks for your efforts so far guys. I've managed to find the tech guys via f8 but the options available are:- start ms repair environment
re-install windows (this option provides several ways to fix/re-install Visa. Didn't want to do this in case it didn't offer me a chance to make a disk and just re-installed.
advanced options...self explanatory.

Any more hints?

As already mentioned, there is not a tech guys icon on the desktop. I'm at the moment (no so) mighty mac, not stevie wonder!!

  DieSse 00:33 10 Oct 2007

"Anyway, there are no discs supplied with your computer now thanks to software piracy."

Rubbish - it's a cost saving measure pure and simple.

Many suppliers will supply the OS CD. Personally I think it's a terribly poor way to supply a system, and wouldn't dream of buying (or supplying) one like this.

themightymac -

By far the best thing to do is to buy a copy of Acronis True Image, and make an image set of CDs or DVDs using that. Then you can basically have a recovery set of where you are now, not where the system was when new in April.

Then get an external hard drive and repeat the operation each week. That way you'll never lose more than a few days changes if you ever need to do a recovery.

  themightymac 06:51 10 Oct 2007


I agree with you that it is a cost cutting exercise in not supplying recovery disks etc. I wouldn't normally purchase a sysytem without a recovery disk but until you open the box at home, you don't know there isn't one! In future, I will ask before removing from store. I will also avoid using PC World as they are so unhelpful. I spoke to a young lad (and I know he's worked there for quite a while) face to face on Sunday and he was absolutely useless. He couldn't answer my simple questions and it was though he was reading from a script,similar to when you use call centres!

  aquatarkus 07:56 10 Oct 2007

most systems that dont ship with dvd's or cds of the operating system give you the option of making you own master operating system disk from the image on a partion on your hard drive.
i would have a read through the manual to see what it says as you'll probably find that you have somthing like Sonic burning software installed from which you can make your own disk. i have to do this with the Acer laptops and Dell laptops i buy for the salesmen at work.

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