No Video Signal to Monitor-Why?

  Kooji 20:45 26 Jan 2008

Hi all can anyone advise please. I have just purchased a Hewlett Packard tower system- second hand- about 1yr old-( running Windows Vista). When I pressed the 'on button'- a beeping sound came from inside the casing and the Monitor showed a message-No Signal, check Video Cable. I have connected up 2 different monitors and both have shown the same message. Any advice please, as to what could be the cause and is it fixable?

Thanks all,


  MAT ALAN 20:56 26 Jan 2008

Loose connection inside tower, something might have come loose in transit...

if you are happy to take side of tower off make sure VGA card and memory modules are seated properly...

  Kooji 21:02 26 Jan 2008


I've never had the nerve to 'poke around' inside a computer before. Can you give me any tips on what I am looking for, i.e. will it be something easily spotted, like a loose connector or something and do I just Push it back in place?



  MAT ALAN 21:24 26 Jan 2008

click here

first link i could find, inside your PC you will see components like the ones shown, just make sure they are seated in the relevant slots properly, a little light pressure on each end should suffice,
you will obviously have to disconnect power to do this, but if you are not happy if you know someone that is PC savvy i am sure they will do it for you...

  Scottiedogg 21:25 26 Jan 2008

When you open the case, the motherboard is the main circuitboard you see. Inserted into the motherboard in slots are various circuit boards, one of which is your vga card (located at the back and contains the socket you plug your monitor into).This will have a small screw fixing it to the casing - remove this first then replace when finished.
Your memory(RAM) is fitted in a similar manner (perpendicular to the motherboard) but will be around 6 inches long and around 1 1/2 inches tall. These fit in with a plastic clip at either end. Be sure to disconnect the power cable before you open the case and touch a radiator to disharge any static electricity before touvhing components (static can damage any circuitry). always handle the circuit boards by their edges. Carefully push down the cards to ensure they are seated in the slots correctly. (You may want to remove them and replace them one at a time to ensure they are fitted correctly)
Hope this helps...

  Scottiedogg 21:26 26 Jan 2008

Sorry Mat - thought you may have gone so tried to help :P

  MAT ALAN 21:26 26 Jan 2008

click here

stream video here shows you exactly what components are where...

  Scottiedogg 21:26 26 Jan 2008

Sorry Mat - thought you may have gone so tried to help :P

  MAT ALAN 21:27 26 Jan 2008

Glad of the help Scottiedogg we can all learn a lot from others input..

  Scottiedogg 21:27 26 Jan 2008

Any time mate!

  Kooji 21:46 26 Jan 2008

Thanks Guys that make sense. I've opened the case and tugged and pushed the Video Card connection as you advised. Switched the machine back on and the same thing is happening. A 'beeping' sound from inside the case and the same message about checking the Video Cable..any ideas where I go next..?


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