No Video display, keyboard and CD drive not workin

  philipm24 03:54 22 Oct 2007

Hello everyone! I have a problem with my desktop comp, i have a MSI P4M800-M2 mobo, 512mb RAM 450 watss PSU, 40GB HDD, DVD drive for just 4 months. I bought it for my 6yrs old daughter. My problems are:
1. No display
2. Keyboard not working
3. DVD drive not working.

I try to change the keyboard without any luck. I tried to refresh the RAM and clear the CMOS without luck. When i try to open my DVD drive it does'nt work but when i try to remove connection from the SEC IDE (after swithcing off) from the mobo and open the drive my DVD works. But my video and keyboard same problem. I check the mobo if there is any crack. I tried everything possible i know but i am out of luck.

  xania 10:06 22 Oct 2007

My immediate raction to this is that a 4-month old PC is still under suplier warranty so don't mucka naout with it - just take it back.

  philipm24 12:02 22 Oct 2007

Thank you for your immediate reaction. But forget to write down that these CPU is DIY and i lost my warranty after we transfer to our house. Any reaction or comment is very much appreciated.

  brundle 12:05 22 Oct 2007

Ignore keyboard and DVD drive at the moment, least of your worries, although regarding your disconnecting the DVD from the secondary connector - it means your DVD is getting enough power to operate.
Things to try; another monitor, another graphics card, disconnect all hardware except the hard drive and one memory stick (if you have more than one), try the machine. Do you hear any beeps when you switch it on? Are there any messages on the monitor? "No Signal" or somesuch

  philipm24 13:37 22 Oct 2007

Thank you for your help! I have disconnect all hardware except the hard drive and one memory stick and try the machine but i did'nt hear any beeps when i switch on and still "Video No Signal".

  brundle 13:41 22 Oct 2007

Do the fans come on, and lights on the PC ?

  philipm24 14:58 22 Oct 2007

Yes the fans come on and the lights on the PC.

  DieSse 15:08 22 Oct 2007

It sounds very much like a motherboard fault.

Or possibly RAM or Processor.

If you've just moved house, connections may be a problem - remove and refit the processor and RAM.

  Andy1991 15:21 22 Oct 2007

The PSU may have a problem. Explaines the DVD Drive, and the may link to graphics card, and the keyboard. But i guess this would have been elimimated when all your hardware was taked out. Is the graphics card in the right place (either PCI, PCI Express, or most commonly AGP). BUt otherwise it may be a probrem with your mother board. Maybe an electrical fault or something: e.g. a Surge, or Spike.

  philipm24 15:26 22 Oct 2007

I have tried to fit another RAM and refit my processor but i got same error. could it be my motherboard faulty? Because if i connect my DVD it won't work as well but if i remove the connection from the mobo SEC IDE my DVD is working fine. But before we move house the PC is working very fine. By the way i have another personnal desktop which was transfered at the same time with my daughters PC, but my PC is working much fine. Thank you very for your suggestions and answer. It's very much appreciated. Hope to resolve these problem soon.

  philipm24 15:34 22 Oct 2007

Thank you for your reply Andy1991. I am using the onboard video. what do you mean by surge or spike?

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