no start, taskbar or task manager

  keef66 13:40 29 May 2009

Usual story, been asked to look at a 3rd hand HP desktop belonging to neighbour of my inlaws. Running XP Home. On startup Windows fires up but there's nothing in the taskbar and no start button. No useful desktop icons. Ctrl+alt+del does nothing at all. Right click on desktop / properties / settings and it won't let me change the resolution, and under advanced / drivers it says 'not detected'

It is possible the pc did some file or disk checking at some point, but the owner is as conversant with pc's as I am with astrophysics.

It's not hooked up to the internet, so I think malware extremely unlikely. I'm dropping in again this evening to try a repair install using my xp home disk. Any other bright ideas??

  birdface 13:43 29 May 2009

Last good configuration in safe mode maybe.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:35 29 May 2009

Sounds like a corrupt profile,

Repair install and if no good the boot to safe mode and create new profile try to move docs and info to new profile before deleting old profile

  keef66 14:54 01 Jun 2009

Wouldn't go into safe mode. Took a few attempts to get the bios to accept that I wanted it to boot from the CD, then a repair install sorted most of it out (eventually; it's a 1.3 Athlon!)

Also turned out it had lost some of the onboard graphics drivers which were a bit of a bugger to track down because of it's age. All sorted now though.

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