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  gudda96 09:02 25 Oct 2003

I am only a moderate user of PC and sometimes can be confused by so much info and advice that is around, all very helpful I might add.

After receiving a SMALL amount of spam 2 years ago, I joined in the forums to debate it and with info supplied and my own determination, I have not had ONE BIT OF SPAM since then and i simply did the following which I have typed out for beginners.

I am always selective when passing on any pc advice as I still consider myself as a rookie BUT I am happy and confident to pass on the following as I used to receive spam/porn but HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE FOR 13 MONTHS after carrying out the following.........
1) Download free, and install Mailwasher (Google) and what it does is receive your mail before arriving in OE. You will see all the messages like you do in Inbox and in fact, an added bonus is that you can R/c on message and "Preview message" and see who it is from. There are also 3 boxes (A) Delete (B)blacklist (C)bounce so you can tick whichever box is applicable, bounce again being a bonus as it does return message to sender. Some members may not know, that when you are asked to UNSUBSCRIBE to something, you are telling the sender that you ARE there so they will keep on sending.
2) Once you have MW installed, get yourself a Hotmail address and whenever you are asked for an e-mail address (other than friends) give out your HM address.
3) Last of all, change your personal e-mail address with your ISP and inform all your friends of the new number and when creating this address, give it some thought in making it difficult for spam merchants to guess it, by putting some numbers in it.
4) Now what you should have is a NEW address known ONLY to chosen people. A hotmail address to give out when you are buying online or registering with a company for whatever.
Hope you have the same success as me.
Kind Regards
George Roberts

Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (click here).
Version: 6.0.483 / Virus Database: 279 - Release Date: 19-May-03

  Forum Editor 09:14 25 Oct 2003

with the exception of the bit about bouncing spam. It's not a good idea to do this, as it clogs the world's mail servers. There are already billions of messages a week that are spam, without adding millions more by way of bouncing messages.

I'm delighted to hear that you are spam free now.

  gudda96 09:56 25 Oct 2003

Point taken, never thought of it that way, just delete????????

  Wes Tam ;-) 09:58 25 Oct 2003

"bounce again being a bonus as it does return message to sender" -

this also lets the sender know that you exist and so they will keep on sending.

  Legolas 10:04 25 Oct 2003

gudda96 As said already bouncing spam also lets the sender know someone is out there. I used to bounce spam from MW until I was advised not to, since I stopped my junk mail has dropped by about a quarter. 10:39 25 Oct 2003

It has been said that ISP should have antispam rsponsibilities.
Some do like my ISP
I have found that AOL which I trialled sort of worked but numerous popup ads which I reported to my popup stopper who advised a spybot program I have to say that spam is now totally nil & I only allow some mail from companies that I deal with. If I become disenchanted with there products I shall unsubscribe from them legally.
This is what illegal spam ads & mail do not allow you to do. Thye are more interested in putting a cookie into your PC
i regularly use ultrawincleaner to clean my PC
whilst with aol it was once per day now I have reduced to 1 per week & hopefully less as practice dictates

  Forum Editor 11:10 25 Oct 2003

just delete it and carry on.

I'm not sure that ISPs should shoulder the total responsibility for spam control, although of course it's in their interests to do so to some extent. Ultimately everything must be paid for, and if ISPs are to have a legal obligation in this respect we'll all pay more for our connections. It's up to all of us to protect ourselves as far as we can.

  The Sack 11:33 25 Oct 2003

It is great that AVG (which i use) marks out going emails as certified Virus Free but if it isnt and it does contain a virus you could be in doo doo as you have explicilty said its clean. Best to turn the message off, not the plugin just the message.

  AndyJ 14:21 25 Oct 2003

Bounced messages through Mailwasher appear as though they are from the ISP or original Postmaster - they do not appear to come from the user, so it appears you don't exist. They never reach the users machine as all "transactions" are done directly on the ISP server - so the sender does not know you exist.

Plus a "bounced" message does not get "bounced" back to you again but is directed off into the ether.

I've used Mailwasher for sometime and it certainly works.

  gudda96 15:08 25 Oct 2003

Westam has just said what I was about to..I assume that when it is returned to sender, it appears as though the recipient was "not there" and that is why Mailwasher invented it. I just mention this without being qualified to say if its true, just a comment.

Point taken by The Sack, I dont know where that puts us AVG users, it seems to me that whatever you download and use, one can pick cracks in it, at least it shows we are trying to eliminate viruses.

Great site fellas/ladies.

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