No sound from Winfast TV card?

  shortcircuit 09:23 24 Jan 2004

Hi all
This is an email I have sent to Wintek.

I can't seem to get a reply. Can anyone help?
System spec.
512DDR 333MHz
120GB Western Dig
Dual boot with o/s and Xp.
DVDrw and DVDr drives.

Hi . I have the TV2000xp deluxe installed in my pc. My problem is that if I plug my speakers into my Motherboard sound outlet, my pc will only play sound from the o/s. eg media player,win sound etc. but it will not play any sound from the Winfast card. If I plug my speakers into the winfast card sound outlet, I get sound from the cards features but not from my O/S like media player etc. I do not want to swap sound out puts all the time as the case is being fitted in a unit on a boat. Is something wrong or is this normal? i have tried to disable sound in bios with no avail.


  Colditz 10:35 24 Jan 2004

you need another lead to go from the tv card outlet and into the sound card're speakers will then play everything from the sound card outlet.

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