No sound - WIN XP

  Pangie 18:40 15 Dec 2005

Im using WIN XP and with Board: SiS-760. I do not have sound at all and in devise manager there are no yellow question marks.

i have downloaded SIS 760 drivers but still no luck.

Please help.

  Newuser939 18:45 15 Dec 2005

There can be all sorts of different reasons for this. However, in case it helps, in one case I came across recently, the sound had been lost due to an accidental change in Bios settings. Restoring all Bios settings to their defaults cured the problem

  PaulB2005 18:46 15 Dec 2005

Is the sound enabled in the BIOS?

  Wak 19:15 15 Dec 2005

Check in Control Panel/ Add, Remove Programs/ Windows Setup tab/ Multimedia.
Are all the Sound and Volume boxes ticked????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:29 15 Dec 2005

Sound setup
click here

  Pangie 11:06 16 Dec 2005

sound is enabled in BIOS and tried everything suggested but still no sound.

  Smiler 11:09 16 Dec 2005

Are the speakers connected and, if they are powered speakers, is the power to them switched on.
Sounds basic but not impossible.

  wobblymike 15:49 16 Dec 2005

A few assumptions
1. Sound is not muted in Sounds and audio devices in control panel
2. PC speaker is not not muted as above

Given these assumptions go into Control Panel, Sounds and audio devices, select the sounds tab, select a sound and play it - does it play through speakers. If not and all connections are correct go into audio tab and confirm that it is not greyed out given that it is not, shove an audio CD into a cd drive - does WMP play it with all the flashing lights etc. If so but still no sound then either your drivers are wrong or you have a fault on the mobo. To prove this stick a PCI sound card in and see if your sound works. If so point made - most likely cause duff drivers.

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