no sound when recording from vcr

  Beverley Anne 15:27 21 Apr 2003

Hi Everyone

Help needed again

I've installed a Hercules 3D Prophet All-In-Wonder 9000 Pro 64MB graphics card onto a ME OS.

I want to use it to edit video clips.
I am using it in composite mode. I have a large collection of vhs videos I want to put onto dvd.

I am using my vcr connected by a scart adapter as my video does not have the red, yellow and white jackpoints. I have put a RAC Cable into the back of this and put the other end into the "in put box" ( the name they use in the manual it got the red, yellow, and white jackpoints at one end) and the vid in cable into the back of the pc.

My desktop speakers are connectered to the line in on my pc. I have played audio cd and I can hear the music.

I can record picture but no sound.

Can someone please help me sort it out please. What else do I need to do?



  Installer. 15:53 21 Apr 2003

Not familiar with your card but how is the sound from vcr fed into pc? usually it should be connected via a 3.5mm jack into sound card line in.

  crx16 16:04 21 Apr 2003

i have the old 32MB all-in-wonder.

when i first switch on the atiTV, i get picture but no sound.i have to go control panel\sounds\audio and unmute 'auxillary'.i then get sound thru my front speakers,but recording any TV it wont capture sound.

i then have to go into my soundcard properties (audioHQ) and enable 'auxillary' in those properties.i then have sound thru front & rear speakers and recordings will include sound.

may not apply with your newer interested which format will your video be saved as?

  Beverley Anne 16:11 21 Apr 2003


I am using just the cables I've already written about.

Sorry to sound like an idoit here!!

How is this 3.5mm jack connected to my line-in what does it look like?


  Installer. 16:51 21 Apr 2003

Right assuming the only connection from your vcr is the scart, there should be both video and sound connections on the pc end of this lead. please describe exactly what there is at the pc end other than probably the yellow phono/rca composite video.

If you truly have your speakers to the line in (think you must mean line out) is it coloured blue? this is where the sound from vcr should be connected.

Reading your post carefully you do not mention any sound connection.

  Beverley Anne 17:16 21 Apr 2003

Hi Again

Thanks for the reply

Right here goes

on the back of the pc My graphics card has a video in and video out jackpoints I've connected the in put box to the vid in connector I've tried the video out cable put I couldn't get no picture or sound so i removed that.

The in put box I'm talking about has a lead at one end which goes into the pc via the vid in socket and the other end I put in the rca cables which go into the back of the video. My speakers are put into the green connetor. I have put the speaker cable into ythe blue connector still no sound.

What I am doing wrong?

  DieSse 20:21 21 Apr 2003

In these contexts, the word video means picture (doesn't include sound) - just in case you aren't sure.

There needs also to be a cable for the sound, from the VCR to the PC. Does the "box" not have a separate sound cable (with another RCA/phono jack?)

  DieSse 20:26 21 Apr 2003

Does the cable that comes from the box to the PC have and SVHS connector - a small round connector with several pins inside it?

Have you plugged all three of the RCA cables from the box into the SCART adapter in the back of the VCR?

Can you check in the manual for the graphics card, what connections you have to make to get sound from th graphics card into the sound card - usually just a short cable between the two.

  Beverley Anne 22:38 21 Apr 2003

Hi DieSse

It has an svhs connector. But my vcr doesn't have that that why I'm using the RCA cable that are in the scart adapter.

I can't find anything about the sound connection needed for the graphics card and the sound card in the manual.

My soundcard not a separte one it's a part of the Asus P4T533 motherboard I have looked in the box and I can't find any small cables.

Would buying a soundcard solve my problem do you think?


  DieSse 23:18 22 Apr 2003

No, you shouldn't need a seperate sound card. I couldn't find a manual for the hercules version, but the ATi (own) version has a manual click here with an excellent diagram on page 20 (adobe page 226 of 54) - which shows excatly the adapter cable I was referring to - it goes from the svhs OUTPUT on the card , with a flying lead to feed the INPUT of the sound card.

  Beverley Anne 10:24 23 Apr 2003

Hi DieSse,

Thanks for the reply
Lets see if I understand this correctly
There a lead that goes into the vid out socket on the graphics card it has 3 leads at the end of it
1st lead that into the audio line-in on my soundcard
2nd lead that goes into the comp vid in ( I dn't think I need to use that if using SVHS connection right)
the 3rd lead goes into the S/PDIF connetion

As my vcr doesn't have a SVHS connector at the back of I didn't think I need to use this cable. I have try to connect yellow pluged lead to another yellow plug rca lead then into the yellow scart adapter in the vcr and I don't get any picture when I remove this and put it back the way I had it I get a picture. Also put the audio cable into the in-line on the sound card and my speaker cable into the out-line still get no sound.

I haven't got it set up for tv viewing as my 14in tv does not have the yellow, white and sockets if I just connect the tv ariel I get a picture though.

Option for me now are I think are:-

1 give up the video editing idea:(

2 Get another graphics Card that will work for me or see if there is another video capturing device that will capture video suitable for transfering onto DVD. and bypass using the graphics card all together.
The video capture devive I had before (belkin usb it kept dropping frames a great deal of them. When I tried this one it didn't drop any frames at all)

3 Get an SHVS Video Recorder. But I don't know if I will have the same trouble with sound or lack of it as in my case!!

Sorry for the long version its the only way I can explain it

Thanks again for all your help.


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