No Sound From Rear 5.1 Speakers

  bfoc 09:44 02 May 2003

My Athlon 2400+ system with 512Mb Ram, Windows XP Home, Audigy Platinum Soundcard and Creative 5300 speakers, has stopped playing sound through the rear speakers.

1. Checked that 5.1 sound is selected.
2. Checked all the cabling (3 times)
3. Checked (by switching speakers) that the actual speakers work.
4. Removed and re-installed the drivers.

But still no sound from rear speakers, whether litening to music or using the Audigy diagnostic testing.

Is there anything I've forgotten to do or could it be a hardware fault and if so how would I track it down?


  -pops- 10:42 02 May 2003

You might consider this desperation but, it worked for me with an Extigy system.

Dismantle ALL and that means ALL cabling from soundcard to subwoofer to speakers, everything so you end up with speakers and lengths of cable with nothing on the ends of them. Leave it overnight (this doesn't do anything real or scientific but it allows you to recover your composure) then re-assemble everything very carefully. Double check and treble check.

As I say it worked for me. Never knew what it was. Most likely something so simple that otherwise would have been missed.


  bfoc 11:16 02 May 2003

But apart from the overnight bit, I have actually done that to no avail! Though perhaps tonight?

Any other ideas anyone?

  barrie_g 12:50 02 May 2003

have you checked that your computer is set for 5.1 in control panel?

  bfoc 12:58 02 May 2003

Thanks for suggesting that.

I have checked on the AudioHq in control panel where it is set to 5.1, but that makes no difference. Is there anywhere else I should check?

  bfoc 14:27 02 May 2003

The volume control has a small fader control on the front which must had been moved. I'd forgoten it was even there!

Why it always the simple things! Doh!

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