No sound on MSN Messenger

  Cams 13:03 26 Jan 2003

I'm having trouble with my MSN Messenger.

I had v4.6 installed on my XP Pro machine and got an alert to upgrade to v4.7, which I did.

I'm not sure whether the problem was there right away after the upgrade or if it took some time to develop, but I've since uninstalled it completely and, after a restart, installed v4.6 again.

The problem is to do with the sound; the only sound I get when someone sends me a message or logs in is a bleep from the motherboard. I've checked the sounds in the appropriate options dialogue box, and the sounds I used to hear are still attached to the appropriate commands, such as Contact online, New Message.

Googling has come up with no ideas. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,


  Cams 13:04 26 Jan 2003

I have a Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1 soundcard that is funtioning correctly. The only sound issues I have are with MSN Messenger.

  cdb 13:14 26 Jan 2003

what sound did you used to get? I thought they were pretty much all you got anyway? I turned my sounds off, but don't remember getting that many sounds to begin with. The main problem soundwise I keep getting with it, is the sound for the cam keeps disappearing so i have to use the audio tuning wizard to get it back.

  Cams 13:18 26 Jan 2003

I used to get sounds when someone logged in, send me a new message and accompanying the alert telling my how many new spam messages I had in my Hotmail account.

Now all I get is a motherboard bleep which isn't enough as I like to be able to hear when friends or family log on when I'm in another room.


  cdb 14:10 26 Jan 2003

You could try uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Assuming you can, as pre sp1 you can't (and neither can i) Don't think I ever got any noises from hotmail tho. Try having a look in the audio tuning wizard at speakers, don't know if it affects general sounds but worth a try. Second bottom option under Tools.

  VoG™ 14:22 26 Jan 2003

I assume this is Windows Messenger...

Tools/;Options, Preferences tab.

Tick the "Alerts" boxes, click the Sounds button to check that all is set OK.

  Cams 15:00 26 Jan 2003

Sound settings are all as they should be.

I've found some other instances of the problem in Google groups

click here

and from what I can gather there seems to be no solution other than to go back to a restore point. How annoying!

Thanks for the suggestions,


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