No sound on MSN Messanger

  Canine 21:34 09 Apr 2004

I and my daughter have installed MSN messager and two identical creative webcams on our two computers using Windows XP. We are able to transmit video but no sound. We have spent half a day adjusting settings etc. but no efect. Our microphones and headphones work fine on other applications. We have tried reloading the MSN software. Any ideas or similar experience? Are there any other progrmmes I could try?



  obbit 21:56 09 Apr 2004

i use a program called Skype for sound. it is free and very easy to use.

click here

  Audeal 00:43 10 Apr 2004

What version are you using? The latest is 6.1, you can download it now.

  Daibus 08:34 10 Apr 2004


You could also try a programme which is very similar in lots of ways to MSN Messenger.

  anchor 09:32 10 Apr 2004

This is an "old" problem encountered by many on this forum, and it seems Microsoft have not resolved it. Curiously, older versions of Messenger did work.

I contacted MS in the past, and their suggestions did not help.

Another alternative that works is Yahoo messenger.

  AubreyS 09:46 10 Apr 2004

I, along with a friend have the same problem. I use Yahoo Messenger click here and this works no problem at all, voice and video.

  Canine 22:55 15 Apr 2004

Just thought I'd let you know. Tried eyeball chat and working well so far, video and sound. Skype for sound seems just to be for sound at present. Will try Yahoo if I need it. Thanks to all :-}

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