No Sound from monitor after installing vista

  waksh 17:03 22 Sep 2008

I recently upgraded my pc from xp to vista, everything is in working order apart from the sound. i mainly use the monitor for sound but nothing comes out. There is a little logo in the taskbar of a speaker with a red cross over it, indicating that there is no sound, what do i need to do to get the sound back?]

the monitor is HANNS-G HU196D

  project 90 17:09 22 Sep 2008

(smart ass comment)monitors make the visual effects, try using speakers for sound its better :D

have you muted the sound in control panel or from the little icon?

is it an onboard sound card?

try right click my computer device manager and see if everything ok in there if anything has the little yellow symbol try update drivers from there.

  waksh 17:12 22 Sep 2008

evveythings good in device manager, no its not muted, i think i need a driver for the sound, anyone know where to get them?

  waksh 17:38 22 Sep 2008


  project 90 17:45 22 Sep 2008

do you know what nforce chip is in your mobo? i just recently got a driver for that on my card just go to nvidia and search for nforce driver

  chub_tor 17:49 22 Sep 2008

Are you sure that is your Asus motherboard number? When I Google it I come up with Graphics Card references.

  woodchip 17:54 22 Sep 2008

You need to find Vista divers for your Sound Card Motherboard Site if its onboard sound

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