No sound - media audio greyed out

  Bsyrup 22:29 23 Jul 2005

Running W98SE. I haven't had sound for a while, (it just wasn't there one day) but since I don't use it much it wasn't a problem until I wanted to play a CD.

I've checked everything. I have AVG, Ad-Aware, Spybot. IE6 and OE6. Tried Start-Settings-Control Panel-Multimedia and the audio is greyed out. The Speakers seem to be connected all right and the light is on.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated

  wobblymike 23:06 23 Jul 2005

Looks like your audio drivers are absent - if you have on board audio you will need the audio drivers for your mobo if you are using a sound card - you will need the drivers for that. to confirm this as the problem go into control panel, add new hardware, when you get into the hardware listing you will probably find a yellow exclamation mark against your sound system double click and it will probably tell you that drivers are needed. Post back if you need more

  Bsyrup 01:47 24 Jul 2005

Wobblymike, thanks for your reply

I went onto the Microsoft Windows Update and downloaded and installed a missing Via Technologies Inc. Media Driver, but it still isn't working.

In the Control Panel the only thing with a yellow Question Mark is Other Devices and in that Gameport Joystick.

In the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers there are two items with nothing against them, but in the properties it says 'this device is working correctly' and that no drivers are required.

Anything else I can try?

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 02:06 24 Jul 2005

it may well be worth reinstalling the sound drivers as the existing driver may be corrupt as
wobblymike has said it looks like a driver issue

  wobblymike 07:33 24 Jul 2005

I guess from your reply you have on board sound - go into BIOS and ensure its enabled - given it is as Zaphod Beeblebrox suggests uninstall and then reinstall the drivers. If it still doesn't work and the is still greyed out you probably have installed the wrong drivers. Try downloading Belarc Advisor (its free) and will tell you exactly what your mobo is - armed with that info you shoud be able to search on google for the correct drivers. Post back if you need more

  wobblymike 07:34 24 Jul 2005

PS - You could always try a pci sound card

  Bsyrup 00:45 25 Jul 2005

Many thanks to all for the support. I did download the Belarc Advisor and found it very helpful. Have tried all evening on the Internet to get the right driver without success.

How stupid can one be? - I dug out all the manuals and discs that came with the PC (in the back of a cupboard). Couldn't find a Sound Card Driver Disc but found a Support Disc. What was on it but the driver I needed? Downloaded it and I've got sound again.

If I had thought of the obvious first it would have saved a lot of bother. Sorry for being so stupid - comes with old age.

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