No sound icon in my tray

  Lynxjock 09:16 29 May 2004

I have recently had to reload windows me onto my pc and am in the process of reloading everything else that I had originally. However, I now have no sound and there is no icon in the system tray. Any ideas on how I can get around this?
I simply restored windows from the restore pack that I got with the pc.

Many thanks.

  SEASHANTY 09:52 29 May 2004

Right click on MY Computer and from Properties bring
up Device Manager. See if there is a yellow ? against sound, video and game controllers and then
check out from there. If its ONBOARD sound on the motherboard you may need to re-enable this in the BIOS setup. Check out your motherboard manual to see what it says on this. You will not get the volume control icon in the system tray if your soundcard is not set up properly.

  Legolas 10:01 29 May 2004

Go into the control panel and click on the 'sound and audio devices' icon and tick 'place volume icon in the taskbar'

  Lynxjock 13:59 29 May 2004

Thanks chaps. There is no yellow against the sound part in device manager and the button to show volume control in task bar is greyed out. The volume is not working at all. I also have no idea about BIOS! Any step-by-step guidance or links would be much appreciated.

Thanks again

  Smiler 14:42 29 May 2004

Have you installed the sound card drivers?

  SEASHANTY 15:00 29 May 2004

If you formatted your hard disk and are now having to reload everything again then as Smiler says you will also have to reinstall all the drivers. You have not told us whether you have a soundcard or whether using onboard sound. You may have dislodged the card in its PCI slot. Onboard sound may need to be disabled in the bios - or enabled if you are using that. Your motherboard manual will have instructions on this.

  SEASHANTY 15:10 29 May 2004

You could also try this link. Its for installing a
new sound soundcard but has several pages with illustrations so it may just be possible you could glean some idea of whats wrong by following it through.
click here

  Lynxjock 14:55 30 May 2004

Thanks again. I have a Creative Soundblaster PCI128(WDM) and I have reloaded the driver from the creative website. I have now been able to get the speaker symbol in the system tray but my speakers are still not working. There are no conflicts in the device manager. Do i need to go into my BIOS and if I do then how do I do that?
I have a reasonably old Tiny computer and it is running on Windows ME.
Thankyou for any help.

  SEASHANTY 16:58 30 May 2004

No. leave the bios alone. Now you have installed the
soundcard drivers it should be working OK. All these
drivers for Soundcard, video graphics, modem etcetera should have been on the motherboard CD-ROM
or floppy discs supplied with your PC. Also the
motherboard manual which you do not appear to have.
Double click on the volume control icon is the sys
tray to bring up the soundcard volume controls and
check that none of them are set at mute and that volume controls are at reasonable levels. Click on
Properties at top left and then do the same checks
for RECORDING levels also. I presume that you have
plugged the speaker jack plug into the speaker socket on the soundcard? In windows XP you can also
right click on the sound icon to bring up Audio and Souncard properties. Don't know if this is same in your ME version. You may have to access
this from Control Panel. Check that your soundcard media player is associated with your CD
Rom drives. In any case you should be hearing the
windows jingles on the PC internal speaker on startup and closedown. You should be able to
download a manual for your M/B

  SEASHANTY 11:52 31 May 2004

You could also, I suppose, have a faulty soundcard.
The PC speakers you are using will be amplified because no PC soundcard can supply the power output
needed. Try the speakers on something else. Record
player, tape unit etc., Try removing the S/C from its PCI slot then reinstalling again. Is the cable
from your CD optical drive connected to the S/C input? Is there any sound on headphones from the
CD drive (when you have a CD playing that is). Can you try another soundcard. The cheapest ones are a tenner or less. Cheaper from small IT shops (Used).
Explore the possibilities.

  Simsy 14:37 31 May 2004

in Win Me as Win98, (which I have), in which case you can check...

ControlPanel>Multimedia/Audio and check that thee is a tick in the box that says "Show Volume Control on taskbar"

Good Luck,



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