No sound on HDMI laptop TV connection

  nuffsaid 16:32 29 Jun 2008

Linked my Novatech lappy to the TV. Great visuals but no sound, or rather the sound is still with the laptop. Any advice on how to get the sound transferred to the TV?

  Jim_F 17:35 29 Jun 2008

Quick thought - is it DVI to HDMI ?

DVI is a subset of HDMI but doesn't carry audio so if this is the case you'd need to connect audio sperately - either via analogue (the headphone socket) or SPDIF if your laptop has this.

  nuffsaid 17:43 29 Jun 2008

Jim F,
Connected HDMI direct to HDMI. Thought that this would negate the need for audio cable???

  Jim_F 18:03 29 Jun 2008

Without knowing the specifics of your system I couldn't say for sure but audio was added to HDMI gradually - DVD audio in HDMI 1.1 and compressed formats such as AC3 subsequently.

If you have a recent (1.3) version then its possible the player or your sound card isn't set for digital out.

  Jim_F 18:17 29 Jun 2008

Just to check -does the lead look like this: click here at each end ?

I'm asking because I haven't yet seen a lappy with an HDMI connector but as in all things I could always be wrong !

  nuffsaid 18:19 29 Jun 2008

Just bought the system a few weeks ago. Its an Novatech Alpha R Pro. So it might be as you suggest that the player or sound card isn't set for digital out.How can I check to see if this is the case?

  nuffsaid 18:26 29 Jun 2008

Sorry, Jim, crossed over with your last entry. Yes the cable is as shown.

  Jim_F 18:51 29 Jun 2008

If you right click the speaker symbol on the task bar it should let you select speakers or digital output if available.

With the player it depends on the software you use but if the sound output is set to digital then it generally follows that.

  Jim_F 18:54 29 Jun 2008

Sorry - I should have said 'right click and then select playback devices'

  nuffsaid 19:04 29 Jun 2008

Many thanks, this has resolved the problem. Thanks Jim.

  Jim_F 15:00 30 Jun 2008

Great - thanks for the feedback on the solution and the HDMI connector. This sounds like a great machine for audio/video so I'm slightly surprised that Novatech don't make more of it.

(I'm afraid that the footie and Glastonbury had me multitasking at max last night)

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