No sound from digital camera

  hmmmm(the original) 20:39 26 Mar 2005

I have a JVC DVX707 camcorder, A pc running xp and a mercury TV tuner card. These are onnected by a S-Video cable. The Tuner card is connected to the sound card via a cable between the two.

Currently I'm trying to capture video and sound using the program that came with the TV card.

Picture is fine no problem.

But I cannot get any sound, I have also tried windows movie maker and the same problem occurs.

In the drop down box for audio input source I have the following, wave, sw synth,spdif, aux, cd palyer, line in, microphone,
phone line, pc speaker and none.

In the drop down box for recording control I have the following phone line, microphone,line in, cd player, aux, spdif, steroe mix, and audio mix.

Any ideas anyone ?

  john-232317 20:43 26 Mar 2005

S video has no audio connection, you needan audio link also, camera to line in.

  hmmmm(the original) 20:46 26 Mar 2005

Really, oops !

  john-232317 20:51 26 Mar 2005

You would get better results with a firewire card though, but you would need capturing software, i am not sure if Win MM captures mpeg movie mode.

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