NO SOUND, Audio Drivers Missing or Corrupt

  LennySun 23:50 22 Jun 2007

NO SOUND, Audio Drivers Missing or Corrupt

Here is my tale and trail of woe. I'm stuck and need some direction.

I am running XP Home, SP2 on an IBM ThinkCenter A50p desktop, Type 8194, Model E6U.

All five of the device drivers under my Device Manager "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" category show yellow encased exclamation marks, but I'm only concerned about the audio ones for the moment since I've had no sound for a couple of weeks. (Don't ask.)

One of two audio drivers is listed under the above referenced category as a "Legacy Audio Driver" and the other is a "Multimedia Audio Controller."

(The three remaining ones are Legacy Video Capture Devices, Media Control Devices and Video Codecs if you are interested.)

The properties tab of each driver describe these conditions:
1. LEGACY~"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"
2. MULTIMEDIA~"The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver."

The Microsoft Help and Support Troubleshooting lead advises me to uninstall and reinstall the LEGACY driver but following the instructions does not reflect the process described by the instructions. So I abandoned this route.

My PC Doctor (Lennovo provided) says that the device driver for my MULTIMEDIA AUDIO CONTROLLER sound card "is not installed or installed incorrectly." I tried downloading the SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio driver but the dialogue box said that it "has not passed Windows Logo testing--hardware will not be installed." I changed the setting to just give me a warning but the Microsoft warning was so strong it scared the living bejesus out of me, and of course I cancelled the download. (Driver Signing setting was moved from "block" to "warning,” hence the strong message.) Another analytical review told me that the Audio Controller is misconfigured but I can't recall the source.

I had all my drivers analyzed by DriverAgent. It identified the MULTIMEDIA AUDIO CONTROLLER as possible problem and downloaded one audio file listed as "incomplete detection," a yellow exclamation mark. DriverAgents suggests I download a Realtex AC'97 Audio file named "WDM_A399.exe" dated "2007.03.08" version storing 17.4 MiB. I downloaded that item but--I think--it also had the Microsoft Logo testing warning and stopped me too. No mention of the LEGACY driver in the DriverAgent analysis table.

A review of the IBM-Lennovo site appears to say there are two updates that would fit my audio configuration but I am unsure what drivers came with the preloaded software. Their list shows two audio drivers, both updated Dec. 15, 2005. One is an “ADI SoundMAX onboard audio driver” and the other is an "ADI SoundMAX onboard audio driver with Cadenza software".

After looking at some posts on several sites re missing sound, it "sounds" like I should be downloading the two Lennovo drivers. My insecurity of where to go is driven by all of the apparent inconsistencies I am experience between the various companies and names used to describe the drivers. All of this is foreign to me. However, these posts seem to indicate that the manufacturer supplied drivers are the preferred way to make driver corrections. But I need to be sure.

One before-the-final question. When downloading a driver update, do I have to uninstall the old driver before installing the new driver?

Where do I go from here? What is the best procedure to follow?

  SANTOS7 00:23 23 Jun 2007

Uninstall all audio drivers you have to avoid software conflict and try the link.
click here

its the WDM_A400.exe download you want,good luck..

  LennySun 00:36 23 Jun 2007

Thank you Santos7. I'm off now and will have to try this on Sunday, the next time I can get back to my computer. Will post my results then. Can you tell me if that will solve the apparent two "driver" issues?

  Stuartli 10:47 23 Jun 2007

I would suggest that these are the required drivers:

click here

An unsigned, possibly later, version of the drivers is also offered - I would ignore the Microsoft warning as it's merely because drivers haven't been officially WHQL certified.

The WDM.A400 drivers are the latest for Realtek onboard sound chipsets.

  LennySun 12:13 23 Jun 2007

Thank you Stuartli. To be sure about this, do I download two drivers? That would be the WDM.A400 for the onboard (I'm assuming Legacy) and the Lennovo (I'm assuming is the sound card) one you suggested (I'll do the unsigned version as that is the latest. Can't get to my computer until tomorrow and have to leave home now but I'll check into this forum arounf 7PM. Thanks again for you help.

  Stuartli 12:32 23 Jun 2007

Legacy drivers are, IIRC, for DOS programs.

The Realtek A400 drivers are unrelated to your particular onboard sound as the chipset is from a different manufacturer.

All you require are the drivers in the link above (I'm assuming they also include the sound configuration software).

  Andy1991 14:13 23 Jun 2007

U may need to expand the relevent driver files from ur windows XP CD, using MSCONFIG, select RUN and type "MSCONFIG", and OK.

  SANTOS7 14:22 23 Jun 2007

Sorry if i have read your post wrong, hope it hasn't confused your issue to much...

  LennySun 20:25 04 Jul 2007

This is my first day back on the computer since my last post. Had a bad accident that laid me up in bed for a week. I'll get working on your advice today and the next few days as time permits. I'll keep you posted on progress.

  LennySun 19:41 05 Jul 2007

I spent several hours yesterday trying to load a workable driver, all without success. Even had three IMB "helpers" offer suggestions with the last on saying that I must have a corrupt registery and need to talk to Microsoft. Sure, I've heard this before, "not my problem mon."

None of the drivers you provided helped. IBM told me the correct missing driver is listed in their MIGR-51191 document. It is an ADI SoundMAX audio driver version released on 12/15/05. But I have not been able to install that driver (after uninstalling the others I've tried) because my New Hardware Wizard always winds up with the "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware." message. Then it says, "The driver may be corrupt or missing." And this message always comes is after Install Shield Wizard uninstalls and then installs the new (q2aud02us13.exe) driver automatically.

I am just amazed that returning my sound can be so complex and a solution can be so evasive.

I have no Home XP CD, just what IBM loaded three and a half years ago and I do not have the days available for me to back up this computer, reintall the manufacture's XP copy, then upgrade all my software and drivers to my current settings. I am just amazed that IBM's XP copy is so worthless to me when I need it.

My IBM supplied PC Doctor still says that the audio driver is "misconfigured," whatever that means. The Device Manager procedured are not helpful.

Does anyone have any happy ending to this or do I just buy another computer????? And, this is under warranty--what a useless service.

Thanks for all you guidance to date.

Fort Lauderdale

  Technotiger 19:50 05 Jul 2007

If you were in UK I would say take it back whence it came for them to fix or replace. But as you are in Florida, I don't know how you go about getting a warranty item sorted.

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