No Sound after Windows 98SE System Rebuild

  grandobs 15:55 13 Jan 2008

I now have no sound except fot a couple of bleeps during startup after a Windows 98SE rebuild on an old Toshiba Laptop 4070CDT.
I do not have the Toshiba installation CD but with the help of this forum I have downloaded Toshiba archive drivers and thought all was well including a wireless conection to my BT Hub.
After a week of trying I am now asking for more help,
The computer spec. says that the Audio Output is a "Sound Card" & The Compliant Standards is "Sound Blaster 16/Pro"
There is no sound icon in the task bar or any mention of sound in the BIOS or mention of sound drivers in the Toshiba archives for this model.
In the "System Properties" - "Device Manager" there are two yellow question marks-
"PCI Communictions Device" and
"PCI Multimedia Audio Device"
This old pesioner is now at a loss of what else to do so any help or advice would be appreciated.

  rossgolf 15:57 13 Jan 2008

is the sound card enabled in the bios or is it onboard sound??

  Terry Brown 16:06 13 Jan 2008

download a program called BELARC which will give you all the system info you need to get the right drivers.
You can also download SIW.EXE, which is the Windows Information System software,this will give you all the information you require.

  grandobs 16:06 13 Jan 2008

There is no mention of the word "Sound" in either page of the BIOS display but the computer sales description mentions "Sound blaster16/Pro" sound card - this is where I get confused as to what action I should now take!

  Terry Brown 16:20 13 Jan 2008

click here

This is the link you need to get the sound drivers for your machine.
Good Luck

  cream. 16:29 13 Jan 2008

"PCI Multimedia Audio Device"

What you do is to go back to device manager and right click the above device and delete it.

Reboot the computer and it will re-find the audio device.

You must then point windows to the folder you have downloaded. Ok it and it will load the drivers you need.

  grandobs 14:52 15 Jan 2008

I have downloaded the soundblaster 16 driver sbw9xup.exe to the hard disc and a floppy disc and tried to load the driver as Percy Vere suggests, also as the "read me" document suggests on the floppy, namely via "run" and enter A:\ UPDDRV95.EXE - both ways without success.
Looking on the floppy there is no sbw9xup.exe listed. There is an application box named "sbw9xup" and looking at it's properties under "general" it says that it's Type of file is application and under program, "cmd line" is A:\sbw9xup.exe
When computer is rebooted and new hardware is found [sound] whatever I type in for driver location I get the message "Windows was unable to locate a driver for this device"
I feel that I am so close but so far away from loading this driver - or maybe just old and stupid so any suggestions would be appreciated.

  grandobs 15:19 21 Jan 2008

Thanks for your help
Solution was by looking at another forum where I found a solution to a similar problem with a Toshiba 2595CDT laptop recommending using a driver SndWhere.exe or 1968w9x relating to a sound card ESS MASTRO 2E
Looking at the sound card for both my Toshiba 4070CDT and Toshiba 2595CDT I found that they both should have a "Soundblaster 16/pro" fitted.
I gave the 1968w9x a go and despite a couple of files "not found" I now have sound! [You Tube & Windows Media Player tried so far]
Still cannot see why your recommendations didn't work!
A Happy Grandobs

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