no sound after re installing xp home

  yvie 15:59 02 Sep 2005

Hi there, help needed please.

I re installed xp to have a fresh start (!!) and now have no sound. Except for a bleep occasionally when theres a message.

I used to have a site address which checks your system etc and tells you what you have but I cant remember what its called.

Is there something I have to install to get sound? or switch on?

and has anyone any idea why, when I leave the pc for a while it takes what seems to be ages for the screen to fade back on?

It didnt do that before! lol so much for having a clean start, its taken me all week to get it to behave!

Many thanks

  zarobian 16:31 02 Sep 2005

Download the above file from click here

Run the program it will tell you about your hardware.


  jimv7 17:33 02 Sep 2005

Have you loaded the motherboard drivers, if you have an onboard soundcard the drivers will be on the disk, failing that do as zarobian has suggested.

  yvie 17:39 02 Sep 2005

yay I have sound!

Thank you for the advice!

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