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  kimtrnc 08:03 11 Nov 2010

When I turned off my win 7 machine last night, all was functioning well. This morning, no sound at all. Checked all the obvious things without success. Maybe sound card has gone? Desperate fr that irritating start up sound!!
Thanks in advance Kimig

  kristain 08:24 11 Nov 2010

Follow the steps to fix the issue
From the Taskbar located at the bottom of your computer click once on the "Volume" icon.

Uncheck the "Mute" box. If this does not resolve the issue, proceed to step 3.

Right click on the "Volume" icon.

Select "Open Volume Control."

Uncheck all of the boxes next to "Mute" in the Master Volume, Wave, SW Synth (short for synthesizer), CD Volume, Mic Volume, Line Volume and PC Beep selections. If this does not resolve your sound issue, proceed to step 6.

Right click on the "Volume Control" icon.

Select "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties."

Under the "Volume" tab, slide the "Device Volume" indicator to High.

Under the "Speaker Settings," click on "Speaker Volume."

Slide the "Left" and "Right" volume indicators to "High."

Click "OK." If this does not fix your sound issue, proceed to step 12.

Right click on the "Volume Control" icon.

Select "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties."

Go to the "Hardware" tab and select the "Driver" tab.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet and then, Click on "Update Driver."

After the driver has been updated, Click "OK."


for more info :-
click here

  kimtrnc 09:04 11 Nov 2010

thankyou Kristain. Not all my settings seem to be the same as yours. I am using a Win 7 desktop, so it's a little difficult to follow your directions - are you using Vista, by any chance?

If not, it's my cr***y desktop which has never been quite right since I bought it off ebay.....
Serves me right for trying to do things cheaply!!

  kristain 09:25 11 Nov 2010

Followings are tips to troubleshoot sound problem in windows 7.

Check Sound Card

1. Click "Start" in the lower-left corner of your screen.

2 Click "Control Panel." The Control Panel window will appear.

3. Click "System and Security." Beneath "System," click the "+" icon to the left of "Device Manager."

4 Click the "+" icon to the left of "Sound, game and video controllers." Look for a sound card in the list of devices that appears. Common sound card manufacturers include Creative, Rocketfish, and Auzentech.

5. Right-click your sound card device. If the word "Enable" appears in the list, click it. If you see the word "Disable," your device is already enabled. If no device appears in your list, check the specifications that came with your computer to make sure you have a sound card installed. If you do have a sound card that is not showing up in your list of devices, install the software that came with the device.

Microsoft Fix It

1 Go to the Microsoft Support Fix It Web page at click here.

2 Click "Run Now" on the upper-right side of your screen.

3 Click "Continue." The program will run itself on your Windows 7 machine and it will either fix or notify you of issues with your sound card.

Update Sound Card Drivers

1. Open your Internet browser and visit the website of the manufacturer that made your sound card. Look for a link to the "Support" section.

2. Locate or search for a link to support for your specific device. Click on it.

3. Download the most recent driver update for your sound card and save it to your computer. The update will most likely be a zip file.

4. Locate the file you just downloaded and right-click on it. Select "Extract to here" to extract the contents of the file to that location. Write down the location of the file you just extracted.

5. Click "Start" in the lower-left corner of your computer.

6. Click "Control Panel."

7. Click "System and Security."

8. Click "Device Manager."

9. Click "Sound, video and game controllers."

10. Locate your sound card and double-click on it.

11. Select the "Driver" tab.

12. Click "Update Driver" in the lower-right corner.

13. Click "Search automatically for driver software." If this search doesn't find the driver you just unzipped, click "Browse my computer for driver software." Locate and click on the driver update folder that you just unzipped and click "Next." Windows 7 will install your driver update.

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