No Sound

  swanny2 13:00 24 Mar 2007

Ive recently installed a New Hard Drive ,now i seem too have no sound,ive searched for drivers,and it tells me i have the 1 recommended. I get this message
Error ID = 0xC00D11BA, Condition ID = 0x00000000
any ideas plz..

  SB23 13:27 24 Mar 2007

Can you tell us what the sound card details are please

  SB23 13:35 24 Mar 2007

Have googled, could be a reinstallation is needed. Have you knocked the card and loosened it in its slot?

  swanny2 15:15 24 Mar 2007

Erm ive no idea what the sound card is sorry. dont even know what it looks like.. me mate fitted me hard drive. im not clever in that department. sorry

  swanny2 17:13 25 Mar 2007

Ive uninstalled the audio driver on this xp, an went too downloaded the 97 when i go too set up,its telling me My pc is not equiped with there Audio chip?. grr .still no sound.

  swanny2 11:48 26 Mar 2007

Ive been told it maybe my motherboard drivers for sound . ive no idea how do that heres my model > Board: ECS K7S5A 1.0
But when i go too add/remove the c-media WDM audio drivers are there,but opposite where it tells you the Size eg. 24mb. thats Blank? also is the Nvidia drivers. yet when i go too device manager theres a exclamation mark ,next too C- Media AC97 Audio Drivers.
Ive uninstalled this ,then went too addd new hardware,searched for it,then its found the recommended one,yet theres still that yellow exclamation mark next too it.
Really annoying this as i could do with my sound :O(.
cheers Swanny .. :O)

  bof:) 16:22 26 Mar 2007

have you checked that the sound on motherboard option has been turned off in your BIOS?

If its still active you need to disable it if you are using a soundcard


  skidzy 16:24 26 Mar 2007

can you run belarc and look on the right of the report and look under multimedia,here it should say the sound card or onboard sound.

Possibly your driver click here

Belarc click here

  ashdav 09:58 27 Mar 2007

go to device manager and uninstall the sound drivers.
Look under multimedia/audio
click here for drivers for your mobo.

  Totally-braindead 10:16 27 Mar 2007

If your motherboard id the K7S5A built by ECS then your drivers are here click here and the sound drivers are at the very bottom but thats for version 1 of the board.
I would download Belarc and confirm that your board id an ECS K7S5A version 1.0 first.

  Totally-braindead 10:19 27 Mar 2007

Oh and by the way I presume that the other drivers weren't installed as its a new hard drive and if so I would download the other drivers as well and try installing them. The system will be using windows drivers which are probably more up to date than the ECS ones but I would try them anyway.

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