No sound

  Madronwell 14:11 23 Apr 2006

A mate of mine has just installed dvd-rw on her ex's pc however,when she tried to play something in the dvd, she had an error message no audio device. She has looked at control panel where it said no device and the boxes were all greyed out. She has checked the cables and thinks they are all ok. I asked how long the problem had been going on; she wasn't sure as her ex hadn't used the pc for several weeks but a relation of his had, and had also removed some stuff from the pc (I don't know what they had removed). The version of windows is XP Professional.
I have asked her to check the cables, check the speakers are connected and that the volume is up, and not muted. Other than that, I'm not sure what else to check.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 14:23 23 Apr 2006

Find out if she has onboard sound or a seperate sound card, also whether she has the disks and try reinstalling them. If the sound is onboard there should be a motherboard driver disk and the sound drivers will be on that.

  Madronwell 14:30 23 Apr 2006

Please excuse my ignorance but how would I know if there is onboard sound? How do I get a copy of the motherboard driver disk? Another problem I have is her ex does not have a copy of Windows XP I can use if I wanted to reinstall Windows.........

  Totally-braindead 14:40 23 Apr 2006

You don't need the Windows disk all you need is the sound card software. I presume from what you say that she does not have the motherboard disk. If its onboard sound, that is mounted on the motherboard then you need the driver for the sound from the motherboard manufacturer. If its a seperate sound card you need the name of the card so you can go to the sound card manufacturer and get the driver from them.
Firstly download this and try it on her computer click here it will tell you all sorts of things about the computer.

  Madronwell 14:46 23 Apr 2006

Ok; will give this a try. Thanks for your help mate; much appreciated :)

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