Allan2690 13:45 10 Nov 2005

Computer running XP Pro with SP2. Installed Creative PCI 128 sound card. All went well with installation, but no sound. Everything OK in device manager, showing it working properly. But, in sounds & Audio devices, everything greyed out as if not installed. Any ideas guys?
Not an onboard sound motherboard.

  Sans le Sou 15:22 10 Nov 2005

Have yout tried reinstalling the software again, sometimes creative stuff takes a bit of persuasion. If you have not done so already getting the latest drivers may resolve the problem.

  Allan2690 15:53 10 Nov 2005

Downloaded latest drivers from creative and have re-installed several times.

  Sans le Sou 21:31 10 Nov 2005

What card did you take out.

  Sans le Sou 21:41 10 Nov 2005

You may be able to clean up with this

click here

  Allan2690 21:52 10 Nov 2005

Removed sound card and drivers.
Installed another make of card with same results.
If this cannot be cured easily, just going to format and re-install the operating system.
But meantime, still looking for a cure.

  Sans le Sou 22:10 10 Nov 2005

Possibly try installing in safe mode.

  Allan2690 22:28 10 Nov 2005

Already tried that to no avail.

  007al 22:38 10 Nov 2005

try unchecking "use only default devices".then clicking on your card in the drop down box in "audio",in sounds and audio devices.

  Allan2690 22:43 10 Nov 2005

They are greyed out aswell.

  007al 22:45 10 Nov 2005

also,in directx diagnostic tool,click on your card in directx features and click Test DirectMusic

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