no sound

  xx11 13:31 10 Sep 2005

hi how ya all i had 2 install a new windows xp and everythings fine except my comp doesnt recognise my sound card its as if it doesnt exist its not there tried loading driver doesnt work cos it says no sound card there how do i get comp 2 c my sound card yours hopefully edd ps im new 2 all this

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:53 10 Sep 2005

Onboard or seperate sound card?

Any idea what make of card?

Make / model of PC motherboard?

  xx11 15:14 10 Sep 2005

onboard sound card or seperate sound card whats diff make is c-media9739a ac97 not sure my comp is an advent t12

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 10 Sep 2005

If you have a sepeate sound card you may need to disable the onboard sound in BIOS.

If onboard sound then Check is enabled in BIOS.

  squillary 16:14 10 Sep 2005

Strange this question should be asked because I suddenly lost my sound as well recently, with the card not being seen at all. But I had a sort of warning.

Early in the week I got a Spybot warning of a registry being changed when I wasn't doing anything that would require it. I rejected the request without asking that Spybot remembered that action. The warning kept coming up, eventually not giving me the option to deny the change, until my machine crashed.

On reboot, IE wouldn't run at all. I updated and ran all of Adaware, Spybot, A2, Norton Antivirus and everything else in Norton Utilies. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling IE, without success, and eventually got IE back by doing a system restore. (There was a registry amendment recommended to me for uninstalling IE and running WinSockHelp, but neither did the trick).

Later in the week the same thing happened again and I went to the system restore option straight away. Again sorted.

Losing the soundcard was a later problem, but I have no idea if it's connected to the first problem. I had installed a couple of programs recently - PrimoPDF, which shouldn't affect anything I'm aware of and something called PPLive which is a sort of transport layer for streaming foreign TV channels. This latter one sounds dodgy in retrospect so I've uninstalled it now.

Unfortunately, none of this has helped. Still no sound. I checked System Devices and two drivers were showing a problem. An NVidia driver, which I was able to reinstall and fix through the option to update through Windows Update, and something called "PC Intruder" which I haven't been able to fix - the sound card isn't showing as available at all.

Does anyone know what this last driver file is, whether I should update it or delete it? It doesn't have the most promising of names, I have to admit...

The machine is a 30-month old Mesh Matrix Athlon XP 2400+ with Asus A7N8X NForce Motherboard

Any replies appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 10 Sep 2005

You really need to sart a thread of your own rather than Hijack this one.

Starting your own thraed will alloow you to be informed by e-mail if someone replies and will save alot of confsion.

Sound setup
click here

  xx11 10:38 11 Sep 2005

how do i get into bios 2 do this thanx 4 ya help up til now wil let u no if it works cheers

  Mikè 11:07 11 Sep 2005

I would reccomend installing this click here which will list your hardware including your motherboard make/ model.

Post this info and we should be able to give you more precise help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:24 11 Sep 2005

when you first boot there will be a screen message saying something like "press del to enter setup"

different makers use different keys to get into the BIOS could be esc, del, or one of the F keys.

  squillary 09:00 22 Sep 2005

Fair comment about hijacking the thread (and notcoming back for ages too). It was the similarity of complete loss of sound that made me think it may have had a similar cause and solution.

In my case I was told that the colour of the warning sign in system devices determines whether it's a hardware problem or software problem. Mine was software, so I ended up returning to my NVidia Nforce installation disk and repaired\reinstalled the parts that dealt with the sound system (onboard sound).

Clearing up loose ends:
- PC Intruder was signed as a Microsoft 2000 file - no problem with that in the end.
- The Spybot IE problem fixed itself - I didn't really find the solution and had a tricky couple of weeks (hence my extended absence here). Magicly the system managed to fix itself with the implication being that the cause was the Google Toolbar of all things.

I suspect both problems were down to file corruption following a system crash.

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