badgerschuff 19:36 13 Mar 2004

Dear All,
i have recently installed into a new PC case my Camaro motherboard (which came from a Compaq computer, but i don't know what model). I was told that the board had integrated sound capabilities. I have installed Windows 98 and everthing works fine, with one exception i cannot get a peep out of the speakers. Whether its because i haven't got the correct drivers installed or some other technical problem i don't know, i'm not sure that the integrated sound capability would show up in the hardware list. Can somebody suggest some remedies please?


  Paranoid Android 20:27 13 Mar 2004

Really I need more info about the make and model of your motherboard. However you can make a start if you check the following:

Does the motherboard have audio connectors attached ?

If it does, check that on-board audio is enabled in the BIOS.

If it is your PC should have asked you to set up the drivers for the audio device. Take a look in device manager and see if there are devices listed under Sound Video and Game Controllers.

If there are audio devices shown, are there any symbols next to them showing they are not working correctly ?

If so, you need drivers. If not, your audio is set up correctly, check your volume levels.

Add-on sound cards are very cheap, if you can't get it working I suggest to opt for an add-on card. They usually give better quality anyway.


  Paranoid Android 20:29 13 Mar 2004

Ah - no desire to insult your intelligence, but have you checked that your speakers are plugged into the correct socket ?

(This is a mistake I've made myself when trying to reach round the back of a PC.)


  badgerschuff 21:05 13 Mar 2004

No insult taken Marvin,
the speaker lead is plugged in correctly and they are turned on. I think there is a problem with the onboard sound and i have already considered a sound card solution and thats probably the way to go. When i looked in the Bios i couldn't find an enable/disable switch for the sound, its possible i was looking in the wrong place but i thought i looked everywhere. I believe the Camaro motherboards were made by Cam Technologies but i'm not sure, i bought it off E Bay and when it boots up the Compaq logo appears, so i'm assuming that it come from a compaq computer of some description

  Paranoid Android 21:08 13 Mar 2004

In BIOS, look under Integrated Peripherals and also under Advanced Settings (or similar). Often there are headings under more than one section.


  badgerschuff 07:42 14 Mar 2004

I have tried that, but no joy. I have however fitted a creative labs ct4810 sound card, which had been working in a previous system. The pc recognises that something is there, told me i need the creative vibra driver for it. I have downloaded these from the net, but when i install the hardware it lets me get through most of the process and then tells me it was unable to finish due to error 137. What is error 137 and can i clear it in anyway?


  Stuartli 08:25 14 Mar 2004

Is the onboard sound enabled in the Bios?

You should also double click the Volume icon in the Task Bar and check the mixer to ensure that nothing has been muted that shouldn't be or the sliders not set high enough.

Quite a few programs, such as Windows Media Player, have the means to mute sound and one of these may have been inadvertently muted.

By the way there are numerous threads on "No Sound" and similar in the HelpRoom.

Try Windows System Information for details of your mobo.

  badgerschuff 10:24 14 Mar 2004

i have looked in the bios for enable/disable onboard sound but i have not found any such switch and i have looked under all headings. My main concern is the error message 137, which appears during the installation of the creative vibra 128 driver the system has told me to load. How do i clear it and complete installation of the driver and enable the ct4810 sound card?


  badgerschuff 11:55 14 Mar 2004

Managed at last to find a driver download that would work and enable the sound card. For anyone with a ct4810 card from creative labs, go to and download the following:
SBPCI128Setupus w9x.exe and you will have all the drivers you require.My thanks to those who have offered advice, it has all been useful and gladly accepted, especially Marvin's.


  the kopite 12:08 14 Mar 2004

paranoid android you did not insult my intelligence I had the same problem no sound and yes one off my leads had came out thanks kopite

  Stuartli 14:25 14 Mar 2004

Just out of curiosity, what was the cure?

Could help others in the forum.

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