No silly questions..this time, but

  Grambo 22:40 22 Oct 2005

Have been doing bit of tweaking on pc today. Dawned on me how much i have learnt off here and how helpful every single person has helped me out in the past few years. Thanks guys, take a bow. You will hear from me soon lol

  SANTOS7 22:53 22 Oct 2005

tweaking to a minimum, housekeeping to a maximum,might not hear from you at all, good luck.........

  Kev.Ifty 23:24 22 Oct 2005

It's pay back time...

Tell us what you have learnt!

Me? I've learnt how valuable it is to use SpyBot and Ad-aware regularly.

I now know that having a good Fire Wall is important and clearing out the rubbish found in temp files, is a practise worth remembering (CCleaner).

I agree one learns a great deal from this free forum, it's a bit like the NHS for computers.

Pats on backs everyone

  SANTOS7 23:28 22 Oct 2005

If you had to rely on the NHS to fix your computer
it would probably stay a "total tortoise"

  rdave13 23:34 22 Oct 2005

Not fair on NHS,too many negative feedback on a good service that only sometimes let us down.

  SANTOS7 23:40 22 Oct 2005

Not a serious dig i love sitting in corridors for 3 hours at a time....

  woodchip 23:43 22 Oct 2005

Some times you have to wait a While hear. But take courage you are not alone. Some one will be along shortly.

  Grambo 19:48 23 Oct 2005

Those things were definately advised. Totally different arena even compared to just a few years ago. Im fully suited and booted now and dont care if its over the top or slows machine slightly. Learnt to distrust any emails from companies and how to deal with spam. Xp caused me a few probs at first but once SPs sorted out i was ok. Learnt that if i do get in a fix there will always be help on here. Fairly quick to. Got told off once for doing a boing tho ha ha

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