No Signal on PC Monitor

  HeavyMessing 10:45 26 Oct 2010

Hi All,

Have a desktop PC (Core i7, DDR3 RAM, Gigbyte motherboard, ATI 4850 graphics card, Windows Vista, Coolermaster case, hooked up to a GNR 19" flatcreen monitor).

Boot up machine into Windows Vista no problems, after roughly about four-five mins, feed to monitor goes, monitor signalling 'no signal'. Machine seems to continues to run, fans, hard drive activity etc. Nothing seems to bring the monitor signal back except for rebooting. Reboots back into Windows, rinse and repeat. No software or hardware conflicts visible in system settings. I popped the case to see if the graphics card had become unseated, appears ok.

What do you guys think?

Any help appreicated!

  birdface 11:06 26 Oct 2010

Maybe graphic card driver needing updated.
is everything Ok in device manager.No yellow exclamation marks showing.

  lotvic 11:22 26 Oct 2010

"I popped the case to see if the graphics card had become unseated, appears ok."

It may not be ok, as it warms up contacts will expand and cause it to move slightly.

Take it completely out and re-seat it.

  onthelimit 11:34 26 Oct 2010

And if that doesn't work, I would suspect the card. If you have on-board graphics as well, you could connect to that (may need the BIOS adjusting).

  BRYNIT 11:43 26 Oct 2010

Possible monitor/cable faulty.

Check/change cable. Try the monitor on another computer or try a different monitor.

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