No Signal No Post No Bios

  EMM61 12:11 18 Oct 2009

Hello friends. Yesterday I replaced my hard drive (cos it was not good anymore) with a new Sata2 Western Didital_160gb. Switched on my machine and I can see that it was recognized. Then I entered in Bios to set boot sequence preference from dvd rom to install windows, suddenly my pc froze….keyboard not responding etc etc, infact I did not have time to save my settings. When I restarted… nothing just a pop up NO SIGNAL on my screen and also no POST. I disconnected the drive and tried again …nothing. The fans are all working and also DVD drive. I also tried another video card and cleaned the RAM modules…..for nothing.
Motherboard ASUS P5GD2-x. I will appreciate all your response thank you.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:16 18 Oct 2009

Probably a PSU failure. Timing is coincidental to a new hard drive being installed.

  EMM61 12:33 18 Oct 2009

Thanks OTT_Buzzard.... Negative,I tried another PSU but the result keeps the same.

  sharpamat 12:50 18 Oct 2009

Was your old drive also SATA if not did your load the drivers

  EMM61 13:11 18 Oct 2009

Yes infact it was sata 1 not sata 2...thx sharpamat for repling.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:48 18 Oct 2009

Remove drive see if there is a jumper to restrict the drive to SATA 1 speed.

Also see if the machine will POST with the drive remove, you should get to an error message about no drive detected or no boot device detected.

  EMM61 19:12 18 Oct 2009

Hello fruit Bat...No there are no jumpers on the harddrive (WD Caviar blue sata2_160gb) and when I bought it, sales man told me that although it is sata2 it will reverse to sata1 when installed. I think the problem is not the hard drive cos I disconnected every thing, i only left DDRAM, video card and obviously psu ON and still faced with the problem. Thank you.

  OTT_Buzzard 19:14 18 Oct 2009

Unplus the computer, remove the CMOS battery for a minute or so.
Put it back in and try powering on again.

  woodchip 19:45 18 Oct 2009

Remove the Drive Plugs then see if it will post

  woodchip 19:53 18 Oct 2009

Sorry I see you tried it, so i will Go with PSU though you tried one it may not be a good enough PSU
Does it have separate Graphics card Plug from PSU 20 Pin or 24 pin etc you need to check all

  EMM61 20:11 18 Oct 2009

Sorry woodchip i did not understand your question when you said "does it have separate graphic card plug" my psu unit is 24 pin and it have 2 fans, 1 in te back and 1 in the bottom. And to answer our dear friend OTT_buzzard...I did clear the cmos, I removed the battrey and also moved the CMOS jumper on the mobo as described on the user manual.

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