No signal to monitor or start up beeps (sometimes)

  Never again 21:19 09 May 2003

I have refurbished an old apricot ms series pc which was now running windows me with 32mb ram and a pII 233 processor.

It sometimes does not start and no signal gets to the monitor as the green light blinks. I have checked the cable. It was running its own graphics from the motherboard but it had a problem so when I refurbished it last year I fitted a seperate graphics card. I did not need to disable the onboard as it was recognised by windows.

I wanted to give it to a friend as an introduction to pc's as it has been sitting in my living room for months just being used for solitaire, but now it wont start. no beeps only a flashing monitor light. I've checked the cables and the card and it seemed to go into post one one of the last 10 attempts but when I tried to go into the bios to check it out it froze.

when I tried to restart it by unplugging and reconecting power I have a green light on my tower and no beeps and a blinking breen light on my monitor.

Please help - my friend has bought a pc desk today as I was going to take the pc to him tomorrow!!

  eccomputers 23:29 09 May 2003

No beeps, hmm something wrong with hardware there.

1. remove/reinsert memory
2. remove/reinsert processor
3. remove all ide cables and see if boots from
4. remove/reinsert video card
5. remove all cards except video and if it boots
replace cards til culprit found

It could be the real obvious, the on/off button. I presume its an ATX PSU, so try shorting the two pins with a screwdriver bypassing the switch.

  TOMMO01 23:30 09 May 2003

First - go into the BIOS and disable the On board Graphics.

Second - make sure your graphics card is firmly inserted into its slot.

After that - faulty graphics card/monitor.

  DieSse 23:56 09 May 2003

The one like this I fixed today was a faulty motherboard - but it could be almost anything - PSU, RAM, processor, etc. Follow eccomputers list for starters (though I've never seen a faulty switch in practice).

  woodchip 23:57 09 May 2003

The problem hear is that contacts tarnish, ie graphics slot if you live near a Electronics shop get some switch cleaner and spray the graphics slot with it then push the card in and out a couple of times

  woodchip 23:58 09 May 2003

PS or try it in a different slot if there is one

  Never again 16:09 11 May 2003

Thanks everyone.

It now seems to work and I wiggled the video card and changed the motherboard jumper.

My frienf is quite impressed and wants to put more ram in. Its only got 32mb 168 pinn 66mhz.

How much will improve performance and where should I get it from?

Can I put 100mhz in it and should I use the currently occupied slot.

Its running windows ME, office XP and Norton Systemworks just to name a few.

Thanks again.

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