No signal to monitor

  sonnybobal 10:11 11 Aug 2012

My pc has suddenly developed a strange fault whereby both of the screens I have connected are ompletely dead as they are not getting any signal, so they just into standby after a few seconds and just blank... The cables look fine and are connected both ends and it has only just started...any ideas anyone..? The pc comes on, but obviously I cannot see anything..

  Nontek 10:37 11 Aug 2012

Try each screen individually, see if there is any difference.

  KRONOS the First 11:00 11 Aug 2012

Graphics card has died perhaps? Do you get the Usual POST screen on power-on?

  sonnybobal 11:00 11 Aug 2012

I have tried this but neither screen is getting any signal ans after few seconds they just go into standby,

  sonnybobal 11:02 11 Aug 2012

The screen powers up but then says...'no signal to monitor' then goes into standby..

  KRONOS the First 11:09 11 Aug 2012

So you are not getting a POST screen then? Unlikely that both cables have failed at the same time so either your graphics card (GPU)has worked loose, try removing making sure all is clean then reseating and reconnecting cables. If no joy I feel that it is likely that your has developed a fault or died.

What is it by the way. Do you have on-board graphics at all?

  sonnybobal 12:02 11 Aug 2012

No post screen and yes there is an on board graphics I will open it up and take a look...good suggestion, thank you..

  The Old Mod 15:19 11 Aug 2012

I've seen this happen before and have fixed it by removing and then reseating the memory, hope that helps.

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