No Signal On Monitor

  BigRik 20:06 15 Dec 2009

I'm trying to get my new system up and running, but I can't get a signal on the monitor.

I've checked the external connections and all is well, so I need to check the card is sitting properly.

However, I'm sure I should turn off the computer first, but I can't see anything to shut down properly, and I can't just switch it off can I?

  woodchip 20:08 15 Dec 2009

If you have no Hard Drive Connected just hold the start switch in till it closes

  BigRik 20:19 15 Dec 2009

Excellent, thanks woodchip. Now that's done, I'll check the card!

  BigRik 21:30 15 Dec 2009


Card was in fine, and I checked connections to and from the card. Still nothing.

Took this monitor I'm now using upstairs and connected it to the new machine. Nothing.

Put the new monitor on this machine, and it works.

I've waited 9 weeks for the new computer, because of the lack of 5870 cards, and now I've got the machine with the card, chances I've got a duff card are.........

  woodchip 23:45 15 Dec 2009

It may be the PSU thats no good

  BigRik 16:06 16 Dec 2009

Have spoken with Mesh tech support today. The tower is going B2B to have the graphics card replaced.

I can't believe it. I'm gutted.

  BigRik 16:51 16 Dec 2009

This is the PSU installed in the new system: click here.

Is it a Robin Reliant, a Rolls Royce or somewhere in between?

  GaT7 17:03 16 Dec 2009

That's not a quality PSU brand & certainly not worth £80, e.g. £44 at click here for the same thing sounds about right. G

  BigRik 17:30 16 Dec 2009

Hmmm, yes, I thought as much. Thanks Crossbow7.

This just gets better and better!!

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