No signal to monitor

  Guady 08:07 09 Mar 2008

Hi - hope someone can help! My son has a problem with his PC. He was using it one day, when it crashed. He started it up again, thinking it would come on ok, but it didn't and he got a message on the screen "No signal". He has checked that the cables are all securely fixed, but it has made no difference. Any suggestions for what else he might try?

  ICF 08:14 09 Mar 2008

Have you tried reinstalling the graphics drivers?

  FatboySlim71 08:53 09 Mar 2008

Just a thought but, has the PC been moved or taken a sharp knock. It may be that the graphics card has become unseated. It may be worth taking the side off of the PC and confirming that the graphics card is fully pushed into its socket.

  Terry Brown 09:03 09 Mar 2008

have you tried plugging in a different monitor, as the monitor itself may have developed a fault; if that is OK, remove and replace the graphics card.

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