No Signal to Monitor!

  Sanction 12:29 09 Feb 2007

Please could someone give me some advice?

I've looked through countless forums and found the same problem as mine popping up and tried all the solutions but none seem to work. So here it is:

I built my computer in November last year and it was working fine but with a bit of a high temperature until about 3 weeks ago. It would randomly shut down and after a while wouldn’t turn on at all. I’ve had this problem with my old computer and knew it was the power supply. So I bought a new PSU and to sort out the high temps I bought some new case fans and a Thermaltake Ruby Orb CPU fan (which was frustratingly hard to fit) at the same time.

So fitting everything in the case I put it all back together and turned it on. Everything seemed to be alright, bios booted up and then windows started loading, then suddenly the system restarted. This time though everything sounded fine but there was no display. The monitor kept flashing up with no signal and continues to do so every time I start it up.

I’ve tried just about everything to get it working. I tried yet another power supply, tested it with another graphics card, re-set the RAM, unplugged the HDD’s to see if I could at least get bios up. The monitor works fine on other systems with both VGA and DVI, neither of which work with the same cables on mine.

Is there anything else I can try before sending the motherboard back, because I really can’t be bothered to take everything apart again.

My system is:

• Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 S775, 2.40Ghz, 1066Mhz FSB, Conroe Core, 4M Cache
• Asus P5W DH Deluxe WiFi PCI-Express DDR2 Socket 775 Motherboard
• Asus 7600GS SILENT 512MB DDR2 PCI-E
• Corsair® 2GB DDR2 XMS2-6400C4 TwinX (2x1GB)
• 320GB Seagate ST3320620AS Barracuda 7200.10, SATA2, 7200 rpm, 16MB Cache, , NCQ
• Maxtor 6V200E0 200GB SATA300 7200RPM 8MB Cache
• Thermaltake W0106RB 700W Toughpower Psu
• Soundblaster Audigy ZS Platinum Sound Card

The Monitor is:
• HannGs HU196D 19" DVI MultiMedia TFT Monitor



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:37 09 Feb 2007

See if it boots to BIOS with the HDD unplugged.

  woodchip 12:37 09 Feb 2007

Looks like a Graphics card problem

  woodchip 12:38 09 Feb 2007

Check you have not dislodge the card, check cable

  silverous 13:02 09 Feb 2007

So you see the BIOS/POST messages but goes blank when it gets to windows?

Try booting from a "LIVE CD" (e.g. Knoppix/Ubuntu) which would suggest it was O/S settings/driver related.

  Sanction 14:29 09 Feb 2007

Unfortunately the computer now does not show any display whatsoever. It powers up and all the fans, hdds and psu seem to be working fine, but the monitor just flashes with a no signal sign.

I've tried booting with no hdd's and with an alternate (new) graphics card, but to the same result.

I've also tried taking all the PCI/PCI-E cards and RAM out and resetting to check that I hadn't dislodged anything.

Thanks for the quick responses


  woodchip 14:40 09 Feb 2007

PSU gone plop

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:43 09 Feb 2007

Does your graphics card require a power cable from the PSU and have you fitted it?

  keef66 16:02 09 Feb 2007

have you got the extra 4 pin pci-express power connector attached to the mobo??

  keef66 16:26 09 Feb 2007

Q: Why does the system fail to boot with Intel Core 2 processor? Is there anything I can do to resolve the problem?

As this motherboard launched before Intel Core 2 processors, the corresponding microcodes were forced to be updated after the launch of these CPUs.

Though most P5W DH Deluxe motherboards come with up-to-date BIOS with the new CPU microcodes capable of supporting Intel Core 2 processors, there may still be a small quantity of motherboards out on the market without this update.

This problem can be resolved by updating BIOS to 0604 or later.
Please use a non-Core 2 processor to boot and perform this BIOS update.
The latest BIOS can be found at click here

If your BIOS happens to be earlier than 0604, and have no non-Core 2 processor in hand, please contact your reseller (place of purchase) for BIOS exchange service.
Moreover, if your reseller is no longer in business or have difficult to do so, please contact your nearest ASUS office directly.

* To contact your nearest ASUS office, please refer to click here

* To download the latest BIOS, please go to click here

* For detail CPU support list, please refer to our website at: click here

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