No Signal Input...

  Wally_1690 01:59 07 Jul 2006

I built a new system yesterday and when I connected it up with the monitor, it reads no signal input. I have tested the monitor and it works fine. I have also checked that all wires are connected properly and in the correct place etc.

My system is as follows:

MSI K8N Diamond Plus SKT939 SLI 16x IEEE 1394 Dual GbLAN S-ATA Raid
AMD (Venice) Athlon 64Bit 3000+ Socket 939pin 512k L2cache 90nm Retail
1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz 184pin
XFX Geforce 6800XTreme Edition 256mb DDR3 Dual DVI TVO PCI-E
Maxtor 6V200E0 200GB SATA300 7200rpm 8MB Cache
Mitsumi 7-in-1 USB2 Floppy Drive / Media Drive SM/MS/MD/CF/MM/SD
Lite-On SHW-16H5S 16X DVD±RW DL LightScribe Int
LiteOn SHD-16P1S-05C DVD-ROM

Hoping someone can help me with this problem as it is driving me mad...

  ICF 07:23 07 Jul 2006

Could it be a faulty graphics card?
Does the motherboard have onboard graphics?
Have you loaded the graphic card drivers?
Did you plug in any extra power cables for the graphics card is it in the right slot?

  wee eddie 08:17 07 Jul 2006

Two things to check. If the PC is still within the guarantee period, check with the Guarantors before you open the case before trying item 2.

1. That, within the plugs, none of the pins are broken or bent.

2. Open the case, having first turned everything off and earthed yourself, remove the Graphics Card and rub the contacts with a, old fashioned, rubber pencil eraser and refit the card.

  Wally_1690 13:06 07 Jul 2006

Not to sure what part is faulty as I am unable to set the system up. Mobo don't have onboard graphics. Can't load any drivers as I can't install an OS with no signal output. Yes the extra power cables are connected.

I built this pc myself so all parts are under warranty as they were only bought a few days ago. Already checked for bent + broken pins. Will give item 2 a try...

  ICF 17:09 07 Jul 2006

Have you put the card in the right pci slot there are two on that board?

  woodchip 17:11 07 Jul 2006

Remove all drive cables no modem only card should be graphics only one stick memory. See if you can then get to BIOS

  Wally_1690 17:16 07 Jul 2006

Tried the card in both slots, still no change. Will try with no drives connected...

  Wally_1690 02:40 08 Jul 2006

Ran the system with just the mobo+cpu+ram+graphics but still no change...

  woodchip 08:41 08 Jul 2006

Motherboard Dead

  Wolfshead 17:27 06 Aug 2006

I tried to build my own system with an MSI mobo and an NVidia graphics card and couldn't get a signal to the monitor. Turns out they weren't compatible for whatever reason, no-one seemed to know, try a different graphics card or mobo and see if that works.

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