No Signal (Custom Built Pc)

  SatiVa 18:45 17 May 2007

Hello everyone, i really need some help with my new pc that im building its begining to get to the stage...


ive installed all the parts and wired everything up like usual, but for some reason when i turn on the pc i get no signal on my monitor, The keyboad lights and mouse also do not work.


Abit N18 SLI GR Motherboard
ThermalTake 750w PSU
Corsair 2gb Memory 2x1gb
320gb SATA-2 Hdd
Sparkle Geforce 8600 Dual DVI-1 + HD + S-VIDEO
Intel Duo Core E6400, LGA775 Pkg 2.13Ghz 2Mb Cache, 1066 Mhz Fsb

Things ive tried:

Changing ram modules around, and removing them,
Removing Gfx card and putting back in,
Clearing CMOS for 1 - 2 minutes
Removing CPU and trying it without it inside,
Tried 2 Monitors,
Unplugging random wires 1 by one.
Tried S-Video lead to TV.

Ive been sat trying to fix this computer all day now and ive run out of ideas, could it be incompatability with the processor? from the shop i bought it from it said core 2 duo ready.. or could it be that sparkle shipped an analog cable with a DVI connector with the gfx and all i need to do is buy a DVI-1 to DVI-1 Cable? the gfx card has no VGA port on it what so ever..

Please can you help me?

  MAJ 19:00 17 May 2007

What signs of life are you getting (if any) from the PC?

  skidzy 19:19 17 May 2007

I maybe wrong here,but does this mobo only support upto pentium D dual core ?

  MAJ 19:36 17 May 2007

I think you might be correct, skidzy. click here

  skidzy 19:37 17 May 2007

Just found this,that may confirm my theory click here

  skidzy 19:38 17 May 2007

Sorry Maj,cross posted you..same link i believe :-)))

  SatiVa 19:51 17 May 2007

I had a sneaking suspicion the processor wasnt compatible, i literally destroyed the processor box so ill have to send the mobo back and get one that is compatible with my proc..

Thanks for your help.

  skidzy 19:56 17 May 2007

For future reference:

Sometimes its better to buy the ready made bundle as this will be guaranteed to work.
Places such as Novatech offer reasonable deals click here

  SatiVa 19:59 21 May 2007

Thanks for the site.

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