no sign of web page

  louandel 20:21 18 Jan 2006

I must be doing something stupid.
Recently got into building website. Finished that. Now have to upload it to server. Conected ok. I thought I will just upload one page first. Did so. Then went into explore to see it in all its glory. Page comes up Saying: 1and1 (who I am with)have registered this page to thier customers.
which they have.
tried renaming page index. No good.
Tried to put it in log file.
no good.
I feel I must be missing something.

Any bright ideas
Thanx for your time

  ade.h 21:07 18 Jan 2006

Why have you ot tried uploading the entire site, as it is supposed to be?

Might that work?

If I want just one page published for test purposes, I mark all others as not for publishing. The web authoring program then adjusts the site structure and directory to handle it.

  ade.h 21:07 18 Jan 2006

ot = not...

  louandel 22:23 18 Jan 2006

Ive just put the 11 pages on and it still doesn't seem to be recognising it. Could it be something to do with the index page? When I first connected to the ftp a folder called logs came up and a file called index. Should I be in some way linking to this file? Or deleting it? Could it be the file that says This page is registered for 1and1 customer.

Any ideas

  ade.h 22:43 18 Jan 2006

Can you tell us what FTP prog and what design app you are using, louandel?

That 1&1 page should dissappear, yes. Of course should and will are not always the same thing!

I would suggest you use your FTP prog to remove all the server contents that have been uploaded so far and have another go.

  louandel 22:53 18 Jan 2006

hi ade
Ive even tried two different progs wise-ftp which comes with 1and1 and I also got ftp commander from a mag CD. Both Ftp seem to connect and both show the pages being uploaded to...well where ever it is.


  ade.h 22:59 18 Jan 2006

It sounds like you've tried this pretty thoroughly... Perhaps a call or mail to 1&1 tomorrow might get you some advice from the horse's mouth. It is always possible that it's just a problem at the server and will be sorted soon, but it's worth bringing to 1&1's attention.

  louandel 17:21 19 Jan 2006

1and1 support is absolutely *****. I hang on the phone for hours. E mails not answered but I will have to try again.

Thanx ade for your ideas.


  beynac 17:37 19 Jan 2006

Is the extension to this file either 'html' or 'htm'? If it is, you should delete it and replace it with your own index page (name it 'index.htm' - all lower case). If the current page called index has a different extension, I would speak to 1&1 before deleting it.

  PurplePenny 18:57 19 Jan 2006

The index file that you see on the server is the one displaying in your browser so that is where the new pages should go. Your new index should overwrite the old one.

Have you tried typing in the URL for one of the other pages? If you have only tried going to the index page you might be seeing the page that your browser has cached.

After up loading does the FTP software show the new files as being on the server? The next time that you connect does the FTP software still see the files on the server?

  louandel 19:13 19 Jan 2006

1and1 finally replied (they must have seen what I was writing about them). They say I need to change my homepage so its name is index.html (also i notice the index page that is there is now called "index.html_old"
Done this. And yes my beautiful website is on the net!
..................well almost.
No pictures. So I find the pictures for the homepage and I upload them. Look at website-
No pictures.
Hmmmmm. Am I not doing something? Should my website all be in one folder? Could it be because I've changed the name of the homepage?
P.s. FTp seems to be working perfect. What is URL?


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