no show XP

  eysha 16:26 20 Jul 2009

Hi all, i have just intalled windows XP and all went well no problems with that, however, on restarting the computer, instead of turning off, i got a black screen and nothing else.
I then tried to restart the computer to check all was well after about 10 mins but same thing - black screen only.
It's a puzzle i cannot solve myself so any help/advice would be great.

  chub_tor 16:38 20 Jul 2009

There are some suggestions for Black Screen on start up and shut down on this siter click here does any of them describe your problem?

  eysha 20:23 20 Jul 2009

Thanks, my black screen shows nothing and nothing is heard either, no flashing curser or anything.
strange thing is it was fine and i was able to install XP perfectly okay. To check it out i asked the computer to do a restart instead of turning off - black screen. I turned the computer off after some time and waited for a long while. i turned it back on again and again black screen as above.
I have read the article but will have to wait and check it out when i get time. I cannot see it being the monitor as it worked fine one moment and then not the next. Is there any other ideas out there? - just checking for the easiest solution - fingers crossed.

  Technotiger 20:41 20 Jul 2009

Try starting in Safe Mode, see if that makes a difference. Repeatedly press F8 during start-up ...

  eysha 15:07 21 Jul 2009

Reporting back. On start up the computer goes through its normal routine and then shows the XP logo no problem, after that it is black screen with no flashign curser or noise.
If left to run it can be heard to go through the usual noises but nothing else.
I take it from this that the monitor and video card is okay so any ideas why this is happening?
Oh didn't need F8 for safe mode start up as you guessed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:00 21 Jul 2009

Black screen can last a long tie on a reinstall (had one that was 30mins) so patience is a virtue.

if still no good after a long wait then it appears that the standard driver XP is trying to load for the graphics is not working with your card / monitor.

Are you using onbard graphics or a seperate graphics card and any idea the make?

  eysha 20:09 21 Jul 2009

Happy to wait 30mins or more. what's the longest i should wait?
Don't understand second bit.
I believe it is a seperate graphics card but never looked at the make

  eysha 14:07 23 Jul 2009

waited for over 30 mins but still black screen - how long should i wait?
what could be the problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:23 23 Jul 2009

Try the reinstall from scratch anfd mke sure you select the option to format the partition before installing windows.

  eysha 18:26 23 Jul 2009

okay, will do that - thanks.

  eysha 16:29 27 Jul 2009

Reporting back.
I have done everything suggested to date to ano avail.
Today i spent hours installing, re-installing,repairing XP, formatting and installing and still no luck.
I cannot find anything wrong with the the monitor, video card etc etera so i am lost.
Anyone got any ideaas before it goes out the window?

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