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  sajeev 02:41 23 Apr 2009

I had used a program from the net (Find Duplicates) to look for duplicate files on my laptop. It found hundreds. Before deleting. I stored some of the "duplicates" (mainly family photos) in a folder in My documents. Now I am unable to open these pictures. They are in jpg format and do not open in MS photoeditor, Pic and Fax viewer, Paint, Fireworks or Adobe. I get a message saying no preview available.
I use XP SP3. All photos were downloaded from several digital cameras.
Thanks for any help

  eedcam 05:51 23 Apr 2009

Possibly they have been allocated some kind of title by the software . Try right clicking the n open with>choose programme then always open files of this type .

  Graphicool1 10:20 23 Apr 2009

Have you tried viewing them with the software that found them?

  splatter 10:24 23 Apr 2009

Can you copy these files to another machine and view them that way?

  sajeev 11:55 23 Apr 2009

Thanks all
I have transferred images to a PC but no luck
I have tried the choose program with every program I have without success.
The software I used deleted so many files which should not have been deleted, so deleted it pronto. (There were many different pics with the same name,i.e 107.jpg in different folders and the software picked them up as duplicates, even though the sizes were different and I foolishly chose to delete them! The ones I saved -- most cannot be opened, though surprisingly some can with MS photoeditor,
Any other ideas?

  OTT_Buzzard 12:09 23 Apr 2009

You can look at using a file-recovery utility (e.g. click here)

I've never used this utility myself - it was one of the first entries picked up on a google search. Other may have better recommendations....

  Graphicool1 14:28 23 Apr 2009

What format are the files you can't open?

  sajeev 15:51 23 Apr 2009

When I click on the thumbnail, it opens a window saying 'Generating preview' and after a long time shows a message saying 'No preview available'

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