no screen - display driver problem?

  ajaymon 10:28 01 Sep 2006

My Acer laptop screen recently wouldn't display - just 'black screen' on startup. Tried attaching to separate monitor and no joy either. Day later, it just started normally (hadn't done anything), but did get message at some point that 'display driver wasn't installed properly' or something - certainly a display driver message. Made a note, but now lost it, didn't do anything as seemed to be working fine again. Laptop OK for a week or two, though it did switch into strange display (similar to safe mode) once or twice. Now its gone 'black' again. As I cannot access screen, can't see how I can reload drivers, etc. Any suggestions welcome???

  ArrGee 10:46 01 Sep 2006

You may have to wait until this strange glitch allows you to view the screen again, and let you update/ re-install the driver. Alternatively, have you tried to boot up in safe-mode?

  DieSse 10:58 01 Sep 2006

If nothing ever shows on the screen right from switch on - then it can't be a display driver problem. The display driver is not loaded until well into Windows startup. Until then, the BIOS and then a very basic "suits everything" driver is used.

  ajaymon 11:03 01 Sep 2006

Tried safe mode - no joy - no screen image.

If it's a 'basic driver' that's not loading could this be the root cause? Any ideas how to resolve 'blind' (no screen). Tried booting from diagnostics /repair CD, but no screen display!!!

  DieSse 11:21 01 Sep 2006

If you never get anything, it's not a software problem - you didn't say - can you see the startup text displays?

  ajaymon 11:40 01 Sep 2006

no start up text displays, nothing.

Googling 'black screen' comes up with thoughts that may be dodgy connections, BIOS settings, remove/replace CMOS battery, heatsink overheating (?) - machine had been left on o'night and was OK when last seen. Could it be a heat thing? Question of beeps crops up - I am not getting 'beeps', which may suggest not booting? Hard drive is spinning. Fan running...

  DieSse 11:47 01 Sep 2006

Your googling is indeed pointing you in the correct directions.

Are you saying the system is currently working OK?.

If so you can monitor temperatures by way of utility ptograms. Everest (free) will do that click here which will enable you to clear that from the suspect list (or not!).

  DieSse 11:59 01 Sep 2006

*I am not getting 'beeps',*

You should get a single beep for a successful boot. If it boots fine and you don't get a beep - then this signal is not working for some reason.

If you don't get a beep ONLY when the screen stays blank, then that does indicate a failed boot.

If that's the case - remove the battery, remove the RAM module and replace it. Remove the hard drive and replace it firmly - with the hard drive, several times. Replace the battery and try again.

Bad contacts in laptops are not uncommon with batteries and hard drives. And not unknown with RAM - both things because they tend to be moved about more often.

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