No right click on desktop

  unix_geek_cred 19:00 15 Jun 2006

Hi there people, I was wondering how I could change my friends desktop picture for him. As he dooesn't know how to and you can't go Right click>Change Desktop or whatever, I want to know where is the default desktop picture located.
Thanks a lot Jack
By the way i'm a noob with xp, but great with Linux and OS X

  Jackcoms 19:03 15 Jun 2006

Control Panel; Appearance and Themes; Change the desktop background

  VoG II 19:04 15 Jun 2006

Start > Control Panel > Display

  unix_geek_cred 21:04 15 Jun 2006

This is Windows XP professional, and Control Panel is restricted, any ideas, thanks a lot

  alexgray104 21:07 15 Jun 2006

Has he got right click function at all, or is it one of those horribly restricted ones? If he has right click and has a pic he would like in my pictures then Right Click and press Set as desktop background

  Jackcoms 21:23 15 Jun 2006

What do you mean "Control Panel is restricted"?

Does your friend have full Administrator rights?

  terryf 21:25 15 Jun 2006

As VoG™ says then pick the Desktop tab and set the background to None, you can also set the colour of the desktop here to anything you like as long as it is plain vanilla. Personally I don't like pics as a desktop because it sometimes obscures the icons (but that is my choice)

  Jackcoms 21:30 15 Jun 2006

Read unix_geek_cred's post of 21:07 again - "Control Panel is restricted".

Until we find out why, that isn't an option.

  unix_geek_cred 21:41 15 Jun 2006

There is no right click and Control Panel is restricted, to tell you the truth it isn't my friends it's a school account where everyone has a default desktop picture, and it uses a network hard drive rather than a standard hdd. I figured if I went into My Computer and then Windows or something, this might shed some light on finding and changing the default picture.

  alexgray104 21:50 15 Jun 2006

I thought it was a school account when he said "control panel is restriced". Ours are EXACTLY the same as that. There is virtually no way round it if your IT guys are as good as ours. They'd be on to you in a second if you managed to start poking around in My computer.

  unix_geek_cred 21:59 15 Jun 2006

Don't worry about the IT technicians they're dumbasses, they put the password for the BIOS as the same name as the school LOL!

Also sorry that I didn't tell you the truth but, really Jackcoms there's no need for that, also i'm not some wannabe cracker who wans to wreck up the system, I just want to change the background, is that so bad?!

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