No Recovery CD

  symonveg 21:11 20 Aug 2005

I bought a new Tiny PC 2 months ago ( I know it was stupid!). I've only used it a few times and now it won't boot but I haven't got a recovery CD. What can I do. The still running Tiny help line says I should either try and get a disc from the administrators ( some hope! ) or buy a new copy of Windows XP and reload.I have a brand new machine that's basically useless. Does anybody have any ideas.

  johnnyrocker 21:14 20 Aug 2005

can you get it into safe mode at least?


  Pooke 21:17 20 Aug 2005

Your best bet is to buy a new copy of windows. However are you sure it's windows and not a hardware fault?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:37 20 Aug 2005

Please give symptoms of boot failure.

If we can get it to boot there are methods of making a recovery CD fron the files on the hard drive.

  symonveg 20:45 21 Aug 2005

Thanks for the comments

I've tried to get it into safe mode but no joy. The screen says 'boot from CD' then goes blank.
As to symptoms, on switching on the DOS screen appears for maybe 1-2 seconds, the last line appearing is 'boot from CD' then nothing. There's barely time to hit F8 to get the boot options up.
Any more help out there.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:54 21 Aug 2005

Try to enter BIOS and load default values, then try a reboot.

  symonveg 12:42 24 Aug 2005

Still no joy. Looks like I may have to take it to an 'expert' as I don't really know what I'm doing

  pj123 13:21 24 Aug 2005

Don't give up yet mate. Try this to get into Safe Mode.

Poise your finger over the F8 key. Switch on and start hitting the F8 key straight away. Keep hitting it until you get a menu. Let us know.

  sattman 13:55 24 Aug 2005

If you paid for the system by credit card you could ask the credit card company to help you, they are all fairly helpfull. They will most likely be dealing with literally hundreds of similar claims relating to Tiny. They will either have someone do a service visit or else ask you to let them have the computer. You must be aware that if it is found that the problem was caused by some action of yourself they may decide to make a charge for correcting the fault.

I think that I am correct in saying that you should have been provided with some sort of software to allow you to recover, are you sure it is not on the hard drive ? If you do not have this you should also ask to have a copy when the repair is done.

  interzone55 15:04 24 Aug 2005

Tiny PCs use a recovery partition and a piece of software called either T-Clone or T-Rex (depends on age and model of PC, T-Rex was introduced about Feb this year) to restore windows from the partition.

If you didn't pay for the extended warranty you wouldn't have received a recovery CD.

If you know of someone who has bought a Tiny PC in the last few months you could "borrow" their recovery CD to restore your PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:02 24 Aug 2005

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