No question!!! just an update on mandrake

  geoff47 01:28 09 Mar 2003

All you fellows out there that helped in my fdisk reformat,and all the rest....well halleujah...have done it at last.
Done it and am now running Linux Mandrake..strange but cant acces this site on it.Oh and by the way got my modem working too...I am so chuffed with myself.
Cant thank every body enough for each and every bit of help that was given...some was more helpful than others of course ....but we did it together.
More power to you all....can you feel how grateful I am?
Thanks and thanks again....I know its not much to some of you but................
Geoff47 techie par excelence...(coughs embarrassedly)

  Djohn 01:44 09 Mar 2003

geoff47, excellent news, I've been keeping an eye open for you to post, chuffed to bits that you managed it, and don't kid yourself, what you have just done considering all the setbacks you had, is an achievement.

Well done. :o)

  Stuy 02:16 09 Mar 2003

Welcome to *nix, scream,shout,pull hair,annoy small animals but above all, enjoy.

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