No Printers will work on my laptop

  lizzy1 13:17 31 Oct 2007

Hi, i have a dell 1100 laptop, 2.40 ghz and 512 ram and i use a lexmark x75 printer but just recently i keep getting a message that says my computer can't communicate with the laptop so my printer wont print.

I took my laptop to my fathers to see if his epson printer would work with my lap top but the no communication message just comes up.

was going to buy a new printer but no point if no printers will work on my lap top.

would be grateful for any help and advice.

  keef66 13:25 31 Oct 2007

how are the printers connected? Is it by usb cable? If so, do you have more than one usb port on the laptop?

  lizzy1 13:34 31 Oct 2007


yes connected by usb and laptop has two ports only

  keef66 14:00 31 Oct 2007

do other usb things work via these ports?

  lizzy1 14:06 31 Oct 2007

yes i have no problem with other things working via these ports--mouse etc.

would it be anything to do with needing to download new drivers do you think?

  keef66 14:56 31 Oct 2007

drivers wouldn't explain why your Lexmark suddenly stopped communicating with your laptop, unless you somehow removed them.

You will need to install the drivers for your father's Epson printer on your laptop before it will work

And just to be sure, you originally posted..."my computer can't communicate with the laptop so my printer wont print." Did you mean printer / laptop?

  lizzy1 15:37 31 Oct 2007

will check if i have somehow removed the drivers from my laptop. the drivers for my fathers epson printer were installed on my laptop but did still not work

the message is that my laptop can't communicate with my printer.

  keef66 15:50 31 Oct 2007

I just Googled 'cannot communicate with printer' and astoundingly most of the results relate to Lexmark printers! Maybe the printer drivers are easily corrupted?

Right click My computer, manage, device manager. Expand everything with a + sign; are there any yellow exclamation marks next to anything?

  lizzy1 16:34 31 Oct 2007

no yellow exclamation marks but was trying to sort it out a few mins ago and it said current software setting is not set to usb port, so how would i try to sort this out?

  keef66 16:46 31 Oct 2007

Getting a bit beyond my experience now, but what do you get if you go to printers and faxes in Control panel, and R click on your printer? Anything in there about ports or usb?

  keef66 16:49 31 Oct 2007

check the printer properties and make sure that USB is the selected port and not LPT1.

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