No power to PC - advice please

  joebloggs1 23:05 02 Aug 2004

Daughters PC getting no power at all. Turn it on nothing happens (no lights, no fans, no fans in power unit). At first assumed power unit had gone, but replaced this and exactly same. What else is likely to have gone? - If motherboard or memory fails would there be no power at all. I would sort of expected the PSU itself to do something -Urgent advice appreciated. Thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:09 02 Aug 2004

Try a different power cable or change the fuse.


  johnsims 23:09 02 Aug 2004

May seem silly, but have you tested the fuse in the three pin plug?

  Smegs 23:11 02 Aug 2004

Is it plugged in? Socket switched on? Fuse blow? Is there a switch at the back of the Pc? Is that switched to ON?

Depending on how old the Pc is, there is sometimes a fuse in the case.

  joebloggs1 23:25 02 Aug 2004

Done all of above - tried a number of different cables, fuses , sockets, new PSU etc with no joy. My question really, is whether a motherbaord or CPU failure etc would show as no pwer?

  johnsims 23:35 02 Aug 2004

Motherboard would be my guess. Just do not understand why no fan on PSU, that is before you get to the mobo. Can't see it being the processor though, unless at a previous boot the processor fan did not work.
Possibly a duff PSU? - have you tried it independently on a known working cable from a different socket? Fan should start.

  joebloggs1 23:40 02 Aug 2004

This PC was working fine, but is about 5 years old - When it stopped working I bought a new PSU but getting exactly the same result (nothing)- Can't really try the psu on anything else but chances of two PSU being duff must be remote. If the motherbaord did fial I wonder whther it wouldn't create a circuit and therefore no power to PSU?

  johnsims 23:44 02 Aug 2004

""If the motherbaord did fail I wonder whether it wouldn't create a circuit and therefore no power to PSU?""

That may well be possible

  GRFT 07:56 03 Aug 2004

It's highly unlikely that a faulty CPU would cause this problem but the mother board could. When you press the front panel ON buton it sends a logic signal via the mother board to the PSU to switch on. If there's a break in this path then nothing would happen. Check that the cable from the ON button to the mother board is OK and connected, and that the ON button is actually working. Having already replaced the PSU it's unlikely that the fault is with the Mother board/PSU connector. Note that even when not switched on, as long as AC power is connected there is a voltage on the mother board. This, among other things, allows the power-up sequence to start. That how it works on my Asus mother board. I suppose other boards are much the same.

  joebloggs1 22:04 04 Aug 2004

Sorted this - posting as it may be useful to others - It wasn't the power supply. I unplugged all the drives and peripherals in the case auntil just main power header and it started Ok. Plugged them all in again and still worked. Best guess is one wasn't properly connected and was stopping PSU from running

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