No Power to PC

  SuzeQ 12:25 24 Jan 2008

Please help, i have no power going to my pc. It will not switch on at all. I have tried replacing the power supply but that did not work. I have tried the power supply in another pc and it is working fine. I need some advise on what else could be wrong. Please please help.

  birdface 12:36 24 Jan 2008

Fuse blown in the plug.mains switch broken or main fuse gone in fuse box.Try iron in switch to make sure its Ok.on of switch accidently switched to off at the back of the computer.Any lights at all.screen or tower.

  SuzeQ 12:40 24 Jan 2008

it is not the plug or the cable i have tested them and the switch at the back is on. i have even tried a new power supply unit in the pc as well

  Rtus 12:40 24 Jan 2008

Do you have your motherboard manual handy ? Check this for layout of connectors...It could be the Power switch on front panel of the computer isnt functioning.depending on its age older types switch the power suplies & shouldnt be played with /risk of shock ...however newer types are dc supply from the motherboard &
this can be found by tracing the leads back to the motherboard. under usual operation its a push to momentarily contact switch thats used.If its this type generally cremoving the lead from the motherboard pins & shorting these pins & not the flying lead ones for a moment usually does fire the unit up.If the CPU fan kicks into life then stops Check the Video card to see if its seated properly

  SuzeQ 12:41 24 Jan 2008

sorry forgot to add there is no lights or fan coming on - its completely dead

  SuzeQ 12:58 24 Jan 2008

i shall have a look at the lead from the power switch. thank you very much

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